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How to deal with creditor to "redeem"

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What is the name of your state? NC

Almost 5 weeks after 341 meeting now, 3 1/2 to go.

I called our attorney's office to touch base and the paralegal informed me that they haven't tried to redeem our computers yet. She also said that "time was running out" because after the discharge, you can't redeem or reaffirm anything. No explaination of why they haven't done this yet. I know, of course, that we could simply make payments without reaffirming, but that is NOT the issue here. We do not want to reaffirm, we want to redeem.
With the manufacturer's trade in value being $300.00, we don't want to pay $9,000.00 on two year old computers. Even their refurbished ones would only total around $1,500.00
The interest was a killer. We've already paid in $4,700.00 with no payments since June.

Now the paralegal says she needs their phone #, etc.
This information was clearly on our bk paperwork. Good grief!

Should we try to contact them ourselves to negotiate, or "trust" that the attorney's office will handle this?

Our only other option would be to let it go, wait until after discharge, then play another waiting game to find out if the company wants them back. Chances are, of course, that they will.

I would really like to handle this myself, but the account is in hubby's name. Perhaps the paralegal could do better?

Help! Any suggestions?



Senior Member
Do you HAVE to redeem the pc's with Dell ? Did they finally make some kind of noise on this ? Personally, I wouldn't trust the paralegal to handle this, though he/she should, but since they've already told you 'time is running' out and nothing has been done, if you HAVE to redeem the things, then you're probably going to have to get it done yourself.


No, we haven't heard a word from Dell since our filing and neither has the attorney's office. We just wanted to make certain that we don't loose them.

The paralegal said that sometimes, though rarely, you will never hear from them again. She made it sound like a chance we don't want to take. But, does she really know?

If we do nothing and simply wait it out, couldn't they simply decide at some point down the road to inform us that they suddenly want them back?

And you're right, I DON'T trust her to handle this. I typed up all our info regarding the pc's that hopefully a child could read out over the phone to Dell. But still......

What would you do. Call yourself, or do nothing?

By the way, thank you Ladynred for coming to my rescue again :D



Senior Member
There is no way on earth I'd contact a creditor until the discharge is granted. These computers lose value by the day. Dell has all of the computers they want. Just leave it alone.


Thank you both so much for your fast response and your expertise :)
Don't know what I'd do without ya!

I did have one other thought......

If the pc's are secured (I assume so, but can't find anything in writing that says so) wouldn't they file a motion for relief from stay if they wanted them back? Or is that just with mortgages and autos?



Senior Member
You would think they would ask for a 'relief from stay', but they may not. If they didn't show up at the 341 to hassle you about reaffirmation or redemption, I'd let it go as Bigun suggested :) They sure as hell know they can't resell those pc's for anything.



Just searching this forum regarding this very subject and came across this.

I had a 341 meeting in October. No Creditor showed up. Now all of a suddend I get a letter from a law office representing Dell for Reafrimation of $7000.00 for two 3 year old computers that I don't have anymore!

Can they do this even after I filed BK? Will this harrassment stop? I don't have the comouters and even if I did, what are they worth now? Can they put a lein on property I don't have.

I filed pro se and I had no problems up until now.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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