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How to get the most help from this forum

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What is the name of your state? Any and all

1) The first big rule is you see the line above this one -- the one that states -- WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR STATE? Guess what. That is a question. It needs to be answered. Laws differ by state. We need that information to help you. (Please don't ask us about the UK or Canada)

2) Be Honest: Don't lie. Don't mislead. Don't pretend you are someone else in the situation. Don't leave information out. Be straight about it. We don't know you so it doesn't matter and it won't do anything but piss off the people who can help you.

3) Be Brief, Complete and on Topic: You may be a single mother, an ex-con, famous actor or a Kennedy, but it doesn't matter. The facts are important – Is it your debt? Are you getting letters, phone calls and/or summonses? What do you want to accomplish? Negotiating a payment plan or settlement, evading the debt, stopping an improper collection tactic, dealing with a judgment – you need to think about what you really want.

3.1) Help! is not a topic. Try to make your topic relevant to you issue.

4) Do NOT entertain us with how evil collectors are and how bad the credit industry is. You feel that way – great, write your congressman.

5) Make your post readable. Proper grammar isn't an uptight elderly woman, but rather a necessity for communication of complicated issues. Use commas and periods and paragraphs. White space helps too. Reread your posts AFTER it posts to make sure it makes sense. If we can't read it, you can't get good help.

6) Before diving in to post something, read the rules. Read the TOS.

7) DO NOT decide that getting snarky with senior members or more senior than you members is the way to go. IF you are here any length of time you will earn our respect (hopefully) and you will find that we senior members know our stuff. We disagree at times but we don't get rude, arrogant and name calling. If you however as a new member decide to get rude with us, all bets are off.

8) DO NOT HIJACK. If you have a question dealing with your own situation, start ONE thread (note rule number 9 please) about it and ask your questions there. Don't explain your situation on someone else's thread. It is rude, distracting and may result in the OP (original poster) not getting the information they need.

9) Do answer the questions that are asked in order to clarify your situation, such as "Who are you in this scenario?" or "When did that happen?" or "What does the court order say?" or "Can you afford to pay the mortgage?" or "Did you report it the police?" without getting all snippy and acting insulted or claiming that people are trying to pry into your personal business. When you ask a question without providing context you are unlikely to get an answer that will really be helpful to you.

10) RE: Locking posts: If you want an answer, do not lock your post. If your post is locked then either YOU or the moderator locked it. No one else can do so. Either way no one can answer. If you did not lock it then the moderator locked it and it was locked because the thread was getting out of hand and/or you had already received your legal answer.

11) Abbreviations: CA = collection agency; SOL = Statute of Limitation; OC = Original creditor; CRA = credit reporting agency – the people that sell your credit report; OP = original poster. More abbreviations will most likely be suggested soon – look for a thread on just that eventually.

12) SOL: It is an affirmative defense. Every state sets their own SOL time limits and decides what debt fits what time frame. This is a hotly contested issue – even among senor members. But ultimately, it is not relevant until and unless a lawsuit is filed.

13) FDCPA: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A word of advice on this: If you want to get into FDCPA battles with senior members, please bring more to the table than misquoted sections. Court cases and citations are a good start. We know the full text and the meaning.

14) What should be: The law is not about right and wrong or what should or shouldn't be. You may feel that something is unfair and it may be unfair – but legal. If you think the law is unfair – write your congressman or state rep.

A significant portion of this posting was shamelessly stolen from a posting by Ohiogal on another forum on this site. Credit for the idea and a fair bit of content to her. Any mistakes or misspellings are mine.
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There is a 'sticky' in the Family Law/ visitation section. I don't know how they did it, but the original poster should be able to give you information on it.

This is great!


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DC - I hope that you asked Mary. So many of your posts could be "stickied" - validation, settlement negotiation and on and on - that I have trouble saving the links. This would help everyone.
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