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Husbands co worker

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What is the name of your state? az

My husband works for a very large company - This question is for the Front Desk Lady -
She was offered a postion in the Warehouse ,however the boss told her she had to wear pants in order for them to hire her, she told them that she does not own a single pair of pants for religion reason- so they declined to hire her and keep her as the front desk- She feels that she has been decriminated (sp) Who should she contact - The front dest pays 8.00 a hour Warehouse pays 12.85 a hour. She want justice !



In many jobs it is a health and safety issue for why people must wear the correct attire. To protect the skin on the legs from hazards long pants are worn instead of shorts. Steel toed boots instead of heels or sandals. Loose fitting skirts or dresses may get caught and cause the worker to be injured. Also I would assume that the person may have to go above ground level (ie ladder) and it would not be appropriate to be "exposed"...

I have known many religions and I do not ever remember one that says that women cannot wear pants - heck everyone (men and women) used to wear togas/robes didn't they?


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My response:

Hey, it's in our writer's Bible!

You know, it's the Bible otherwise known as the "Sears Catalog", found on the coffee tables of all the finer trailers in the park.



Many of the more conservative Christian religions don't allow women to wear "men's clothing" - i.e. pants. If the Front Desk Lady, aka the receptionist, refuses to wear pants, then the company is well within their rights to keep her out of the warehouse, and she has no claim for discrimination.


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All warehouse employees where I've ever worked have all been required to wear pants for safety reasons. Often, shorts aren't even allowed. In her insistance on wearing skirts, I guess she's not too concerned about her modesty if she has to climb up on any ladders in the warehouse.

If this lady will only wear skirts, that's her choice. In doing so, she is shutting herself out of certain employment opportunities that require a uniform or protective garb, but that is entirely her choice. She has no claim for religious discrimination that I can see. Just because she will only wear a certain type of apparrel does not mean the world (or an employer) has to accommodate her. Her choice.

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I know of several who forbid pants, makeup on women. Apostolics is one. Ever seen a Quaker in bellbottoms?


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"Ever seen a Quaker in bellbottoms?"

Actually, I have. Frequently. My college roommate was a Quaker; bellbottoms were in style then; I saw her in them on any number of occasions.

However, that does not change the fact that if there is a safety reason for the requirement that employees wear pants, the company is NOT required to waive that requirement even if pants are forbidden by the employee's religion. If she can't wear the pants, she doesn't get the job.

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