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I am absolutely devastated....

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I'd like to hear if you went to the AA meeting? Also, didn't you say that your first court date was this week? I agree that there is no way you will be driving for a long while (just on the refusal to take the test alone as that is automatic). I'm thinking that your attorney on this first court date will ask for a continuance to prepare the rest of the case. During this time you may want to document your AA meeting attendance as well as sign up for an outpatient alcohol program to show that you are serious about having a problem and correcting it.

Also - please pay attention to the DMV hearing info that was posted on this site ... you only have a certain amount of time to "request" a hearing and you DO want to have the hearing. Check out the many websites available on how to prepare for this DMV hearing and bring your attorney.


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I think Texas is more strict. It will only take 1 time to receive the same penalty of your 3rd time in Ohio. You wouldn't of made to #3. That is a good thing. All states should give you 1 time to have a DWI/DUI because there is a chance someone can lose their life in an accident.


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I am not sure if it was an assesment. I went ot see this guy and we just talked. It was just first time visit of many. He asked me what happened, asked me about my history and gave me some papers to fill out. I need to fill out Alcohol Profile document. Then he gave me a sheet so I can document my AA meetings. There are 25 spaces to fill out on it and I intend to fill them all up with signed visits before my pre-trial. I am going back to him in couple weeks. The reason is because I already spend over 4k (bond, attorney, getting my car out, etc.) and I am absolutely broke. I had to scrape pennies totday just to get on a bus. So I have to wait until I get paid.

Guys, I know what I did was wrong. I know that. I knew it previous 2 times too. But it's done and I can not un-do it. Simple as that. No matter how I think about it, it's done deal. I have to buckle up and get ready for a very rough ride.

So we went to court and really there is nothing new to say....pleaded not guilty. They are treating it as 2nd DUI but of course, will take into account that it's really 3rd one. Judge let me have my car back so I don't occur more storage charges from the towing place. Can't drive it of course. It's parked on my driveway, no plates and has a steering wheel lock.

I went grocery shopping with my friend so I could stack up on food. Opened my freezer and found bottle of tequila that I bought in Mexico 4 years ago. There was about 1/2 bottle left from when my friends would come over and we woudl do shots. I flushed it down the toilet...

I dont' have anything else to report. I didn't go to AA yet because I have to call them up tomorrow morning and see what's available for me and find a place where bus is going. I will call tomorrow and go to one.. and I know they have ones on saturdays too....

My pre-trial is in January.


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Christina...you sound very judgmental from someone who just got a DUI...every person I have EVER known has said exactly what you did when they got their first DUI...and as was mentioned...over half got/get a second DUI .

You really shouldn't be bustin his chops as you have a lot to prove (and only time will tell)
before you get to speak in such absolutes.

First of all I can say whatever I want and I have ZERO to prove to you. People should not be able to make this "mistake" 3 times. I do realize that half of the people who attended my class will be there again. I however WILL NOT be in the class again. I chose to get my crap together and realized maybe alcohol and myself don't mix, I quit drinking all together.

I do however wish OP luck with all he's about to experience I hope you've learned your lesson and continue to live life on the straight narrow. These events don't have to define you take this as a lesson learned and move forward. GOOD LUCK!


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in your corner...


I won't sugar coat anything for you. You f-ed up bad... but so have I and a lot of other people. Like one of my friends used to tell me "dude, you have a target on your back."

If there's any good to come out of this it's a) you didn't kill anyone and b) you have a tremendous opportunity to turn your life around ---> NOW.

I am and used to be the same as you - my bouts of drinking would always be followed by moments of "clarity" where I would think "things weren't really that bad."

But when I got honest with myself, I realized that almost EVERY bad thing that's ever happened to me in life was a consequence of alcohol consumption. That's literally a sobering reality. Lost friends, lost opportunities, arrests, hospitilzations --- you name it and I've faced it.

One thing they will teach you in AA and I've become a true believer of this sentiment - If you keep drinking one of three things will happen --- you will go to jail (already happened to you), you will be hospitalized or you will DIE...

You will make it through the legalities of this --- take it ONE day at a time. Keep your head and learn from this... one day your mistakes might help someone else make the right decision about drinking and driving. Take it easy and good luck.

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