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I need some legal advice, help!

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What is the name of your state? Ohio
My husband and I have been married for only 4 months now. We have been separated for a total of close to 2 months. The first month was good but then just went down hill. He has his own home in the town next to where I live. We decided to move in with my parents when we got married because my husband was getting a promotion to Mississippi. He was trying to sell his own he had before we got married so we would have money to move to Mississippi when the time came. We didn't pay rent, utilities, nothing but just groceries that we ate while living with my parents. His consumption of alcohol became bad and he was hardly ever home when he got off from work. He would always make excuses for not putting me on the checking account and told me just to keep mine. The court never stopped the child support from our child we had together after we got marrried because neither one of us thought we had to be there to get it stopped. Anyway, the child support checks that came in, were in my name and I was told to use that money for whatever we needed while staying at my parents home. He would help pay on some medical co pays.. things like that but mostly made me use the child support for diapers, groceries and whatever else was needed that he didn't have to give to me. We began to fight a lot infront of my children. The first time it got bad I ask him to leave and stay at his own that he hadn't sold yet. He did for about a week and I let him come back. Then within a week the problems got even worse and he even changed the code on his answering machine so I couldn't check the messages that were at his house where I did also recieve phone calls. He started to hang with the boys more and drink even more. We fought and then finally I ask him to go and stay at his home he owned. We have been separated , but not legally for four weeks now and nothing is getting better. He refuses to give me any money for medical bills , groceries , or anything even things that include the children. I am relying on my parents for money that he won't help me with. He says since he is living by himself he doesn't' have to support me or my oldest child, he is from a previous relationship, and doesn't have to give me a dime. If I want money I have to move back with him in which I will not do because I am not having the bad emotions around my children. That is not healthy. He still has X girlfriends calling his home and going out the bars and just went thru DUI class a few weeks ago for his second DUI in about five years. I have had a session with a pastor of my church but things just aren't going to work with us. Now that you have heard my story .. here is my question.. 1).Doesn't he have to help me financially still since we are still married and not legally separated?
2).Will he have to pay back this money and do I need to keep reciepts.
3).How can I get a lawyer, I have no money, and Legal Aid says that since I am under my fathers roof and he makes too much money they won't take my case.. so where do I go for help to get this process started?
4.)And what grounds do I have to get me out of this horrible marriage?:confused:


Senior Member
If you are still getting court ordered child support, that's pretty much all you are going to get. With such a short marriage duration, he isn't under any obligation to support you, nor your child from a previous relationship. In addition, you are living with your parents. If he's not paying medical bills (which are court ordered) and you have mailed him copies of the paid bills via cert. mail w/return reciept as PROOF of requesting payment then you need to either add this $$ to your divorce or file a motion to show cause/contempt. Your going to need to file for divorce, you can either pay a lawyer or take the time to research it and file yourself. There are many reasons for marriage termination under OH law, pick one or just wait it out and see if he files first.

If there is all this fighting going on in front of the children then just stay away from him with the exception of court ordered visitation. Consider it over and figure out what you are going to do from here on out.

Good Luck!


kat1963 is correct, unfortuneatley. I feel for your situation though, and would like to add that this guy sounds like a true jerk, and your better off with out him.

Get a divorce, your parents would probably pay for it to rid you of that bum!

Good luck!!!!!!!



Thank you for your advice but my parents can't help me anymore financially. They have bills of their own and it is hard for them to help me with the things the kids needs and things like that. I wish it was that simple. What grounds do I have for divorce if I file without a lawyer?


More problems HELP

We have went thru counseling with our pastor and that worked for a while but now we are back to square one. The child support was ordered to stop in July, which I was just made aware of , I was only getting the arrears from what he owed. Now they are wanting me to start child support over. He has not still provided for me nor the kids. He is in the process of moving to MS. He is upset because I want my son to finish the school year here and move down when it is over in June. The education system there from what I have researched is pretty bad. He won't try and get a home in an area there where my son an get a good education so he is saying I am not his wife any longer and wants a divorce but won't start one up. What should I do? Is legal separation cheaper than divorce and if so do I file the same as if I file for divorce? There is a lot more to it than this but just wanted some quick advice for now.
Thanks again,

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