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I rant about new amendment.

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I think it would be a good idea for this country (U.S.) to add one more right to the "amendments". The right to own your own body. After all, don't we pride ourselves as being the land of the free? (I try not to think about all the prisons.) Free to do whatever we want to our own property, of course, without pestering anyone. The government looks down upon us, and says that we need the services of a nanny, which the governemnt supplies to us in the form of intrusive laws. There is already talk about a prohibitory tax on high fat foods. (Note the insulting insinuation that we are too stupid to take care of ourselves.) What's next? Laws against not going to a doctor? How about laws prohibiting any dangerous activities... driving, mountain climbing, aerial kickboxing...
I guess the concept of minding ones' own business, is old fashioned.
Golly if I don't own my own body, who does??? All I'm asking for is an ammendment saying that I own my-self. Something I already know in my heart.
Cheers, asdf



I am a law school graduate.

Well, to tell you the truth, there ARE laws protecting our own bodies: Laws protecting it are called assault, battery, murder, mayhem, rape, etc.

There are laws that says you wanna jump off a cliff (which I have done in jamaica and hawaii), go ahead! They are called assumption of risk. Next time you go to a hockey, baseball or any stadium game, check the back of the ticket. Betcha there is a disclaimer of liability on it!

Other laws that may seem intrusive like child care are not there to protect you, the adult, they are there to protect those people who can't rep themselves, like innocent children!

That is my two cents~



I support those laws which protect me from someone else, but not the ones that protect me from my self. I know my self, probably better than anyone, and feel confident I can take care of my self. You can always point to kids and say "let's protect them", but the laws concerning the kids or other 'outsiders' are different from adults.
Are you arguing against an ammendment which says we own our own bodies? I've found that if it isn't specifically stated in the form of a law, things get kind of fuzzy. For example, it's ok for a cop to as for a blood test of motorists, but would it be ok for them to demand a kidney? Let's just say, that personally, I might be willing to sell them some of my blood. It's unamerican to give stuff away.
How about that 'scholar' who was proposing a tax on high fat food, to encourage us to eat healthly. I bet the government is rubbing their hands together, greedly, thinking about all the bureaus and enforcement personel they can hire. "All right mister, I see that bag of Freetos, out of the car. Your a danger to yourself."
From the land of the free, asdf.


Welcome to the United States, ASDF. That's life here in the states. As Clint Eastwood once sang in a movie, "....cured of what we're suffering from, and suffering from the cure....". All too true. There are so many pathetic laws here, and if you want to talk about intrusive, yeah! I'm in Utah. I could have been arrested and sent to jail for upto one year because I had sex with my common-law wife. Because in Utah, common-law (and I suppose common-sense as well) is illegal. It didn't matter that neither of us were "legitimately" married to anyone at the time, because it's a religious law, created by religious people many many years ago. It's ok if you're gay and living with your significant other, but by golly! If you're hetero and not married but living together as man and wife, you will PAY PAY PAY!

If you like high fat foods, eat them. If anyone gives you crap because of it, that's their problem. It's your life ASDF, you live it. Don't let others live it for you.


Thanks for your responses.
It's my feeling that the U.S. government things the 'answer' to out 'problems' is more laws, even though no one person knows all the laws we have already. I know a lot of people who 'walk on egg shells' and 'look over their shoulders', hoping they are not in violation of some code or law, expecially business men.
As an example, a few months ago, I asked a police man about the collector car plates which I have seen on old cars, and though it might be a good idea (cheap) to get one. The cop didn't seem to know what the code was, and if he did, he wasn't sharing that info. Not answering my question, he told me a story about a guy who seemed to be abusing the collector plate code, and that he was going to bust the guy if he saw him again.

I guess I should get to work and write Jessie Ventura, and complain to him. Maybe it's just me, but perhaps he isn't qualified to answer questions about the law.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do, asdf

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