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I recently sold a used camper online

I sold my 2006 gulfstream fema trailer to a couple online. I had only had the camper a week before it sold. I sold it due to it being to small. The people I bought it from tools me that the whole roof and floors had been replaced due to damages done by a branch falling on it. They assure me there were no leaks. Well taking them at their word I told the couple buying from me everything I was told. And withI'm the info I have they bought it and sent the payment via PayPal. But they couldn't pick it up for a week. In the meantime we had quite a bit of rain fall and three days before they were to pick it up I noticed it was leaking in the bedroom. To my horror the floor gave way under me and upon further inspection I found that half the floor and two walls were rotted. SoI'm even thouth I sold the camper as is I went to the local building supply store and bought everything needed to replace what was rotted. Unfortunately I was completely done with repairs I had some paneling to put up and to seal the roof. When the arrived to pick up the camper. I told them I had an worth of work left and they could leave with it. But instead of upstanding I just spent 2 full days and most of one night replacing everything for them they demanded their money back. I understand that they expected to leave with the camper when they got there, but do i owe them their money back when the camper was better than when I sold it to them.


Senior Member
The sad truth is the camper is not as described even though you are trying to make things right. If they pursue this with Paypal, paypal will almost certainly side with them and reverse the charge. You can try to see if they will wait you out, but in the long run, it would probalby be best to start over.


It's a Dry Heat
they bought it and sent the payment via PayPal. But they couldn't pick it up for a week.
Never do that again.

Even without the drastic results of your error, never sell anything that you have to keep beyond the pay date.

In other words, buyer pays when he picks up the item, no matter what.

Otherwise, you continue to be responsible for it even when you no longer own it.