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IAAL/Always Searching

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I just wanted to clarify a few things with the people with all the knowledge on these boards that like to sit in judgement on everyone...
First of all Always, I am TxBlu, I have custody of all three of my children, have never lost custody of any of them. No I may not have a Law Degree, but because of the attitudes of Attorneys and others in the Legal profession that only seem to want to help anyone when they see $$$$$ signs, I took a family law class at a local college to educate myself to what my rights are so that I dont have to shell out big$$$ to someone every time I need to have mine and my childrens rights enforced. I also am very passionate about family law and if I had the resources I would have pursued my degree in the legal field, but unfortunately I had three kids to feed and had to make a choice between feeding them or pursuing my degree.
Besides which, knowing me and the way I like to stand up for the *underdog* I wouldnt be a very profitable atty anyways, my services would most likely all be pro bono.
I would encourage you to look back over the posts and make sure you have the identity correct the next time you wish to make remarks about someone like this as I find it very unprofessional to say the least.

Author Topic: IAAL/here I am
Always searching
Member posted October 06, 2000 09:17 PM
Hi! Haven't been on the board a lot lately. The general feeling on the family board is kind of hostile. Who is this Txblu? She is a wild one. First she writes that she gave up custody of her seven year old that isn't the second husband's and had another kid with this second husband and she was asking if she should give her ex husband full custody of the 4 year old and her ex husband won't allow her to see either child.

I realize that you have very little patience for ignorance and I appreciate that. But, I find it also very discouraging for anyone that posts on these boards to knwo that these are the types of things you and all your legal buddies choose to write on a public board about people. I thought that when I came to this site it was a public forum, a discussion board. If I was wrong then maybe the name of the board should be changed to clarify that.

Also, not that it really matters, but if you will look at alot of those threads that have been directed to you and you have replied to you will find that Tildawn hasn't aimed her guns at just the *Family Law* board and I am sure that she is sitting there having a really good laugh at your willingness to be so nice to her.

In saying that since this is IAAL and Always Searchings Boards and they feel the way they do towards people that have different opinions then theirs and lack of respect for people of lesser means you will have your wish, I wont be back to this site and I will be sure to discourage anyone else from using it also.
Like they say, you make a customer happy they tell one friend. You make a customer angry, they tell the world... (is that enough periods?).........................

Member posted October 06, 2000 09:32 PM
My response:
I know, it's also getting real stupid. The same questions, day after day, and the ignorance is just killing me. Very few of the posts deal in legal issues . . . all they want is a shoulder to cry on. This isn't "Dear Abby" for Christ's sake.

Then, you have to wade through interminable emotional crap just to get to their question, or to make heads or tails out of their questions. And then, on top of that is their abominable grammar skills. I swear, only half of the writers ever went to school. It's horrible trying to read gibberish, and sentences that run on. (Ever heard of using periods?)



Senior Member
My response:

You said: "I wont be back to this site . . ."

Good! See ya later. Hasta luego. Sayonara. Don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out!

Anyone else want to leave? Good.

Understand this, TXBlu - - none of us are irreplaceable. I don't see too many attorneys coming to these boards and helping out; however, there's plenty of people like yourself getting involved in 98 post threads.

In other words, there's 270 million people in this country, and do you really think that highly of yourself to believe that I care whether you, little 'ol you, stays here or goes?

You see, I've been here for nearly a year, and I've dealt with people in my own way. I've dealt with people who were educated, and uneducated. I've dealt with nasty people (worse than you) and the nicest of people. I've seen the good and the bad come and go, and it's never bothered me one bit.

Bottom line: If you want to go, then go. There's 269,999,999 other people to take your place.

Oh, and if you were thinking of dragging me into one of your "marathons" on this board, I won't be suckered.


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