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What is the name of your state? MI

The MI supreme court just ruled against a fellow that had a child out of wedlock... he was denied custody of any type.

Apparently, this guy (who is married still) and his neighbor (who is still married also) had sex, and a child. He asked for custody... but under a "*******y Law" or something, he lost. This law says that a child born in a marriage is the child of the married folks, no matter that the father isn't the one married to the woman.

Now if the woman and her husband divorce... that's a whole 'nother can of worms, I'd say.... :)

No question, just thought you'd find it interesting.

Later, Lyle

Edit: HEY! It censored that law! It's B....a...s....t...a...r...d...y


Senior Member
Michigan just came up with that decision? California has had that as its law for awhile. The case of In Re Michael, i think. IAAL would know for sure.


Well actually the b..a..s..t..a..r..d..y law has been around forever. From what I gather, the mother of the child in question, and her husband initially decided to take the bio-Dad to court for child support. Seems they are financially unstable (nothing wrong with that, tough times can hit anyone) and decided to get some money to help support the child. So Bio-Dad and his wife decides to go for custody, as the bio-mom and dad are not only financially unstable, but close to divorce, and not getting along at all. Bio-dad initially wins visitation... and after several courts rule in his favor, FINALLY the bio-moms lawyer (from MI legal aid, as they have no cash) brings the B-law to the courts attention. And STILL the courts ruled for the Bio Dad!!!! This is why it went to the MI supreme court... who said, sorry, Bio-dad, you are OUT.

Odd that the lower courts saw the same law, but ignored it, eh?

Now I know it's fashionable to trash lawyers and all... but when you need one and one stands up for you, it's a sweet thing. :D


Senior Member
So in the end, all she wanted was the money, which I presume she didn't get, since her husband is in fact the legal father.

Another skank for the books.


Senior Member
FJ where did you read that? I would almost bet they have to pay support. Is there a way you could find out?


Under the Radar Member
I feel sorry for the kid - what a sorry lot of people (on both sides) to be related to.


Kododay, it was in the Holland Sentinal I think.... but may have been the Muskegon chronicle. I'll look when I go back up to break... so many papers up there. But no, he didn't have to pay support at all, that was stated pretty clear. And I think after they initially asked for CS, they thought better of it... I'd hesitate to call the chick a skank yet, until I knew a bit more on the situation. Who knows, maybe her husband was the one behind it? I'm sure emotions were running High after he found out his ska... errrr, wife had an affair. LOL :)

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