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International Custody

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What is the name of your state? Tx

If I divorce my wife and she leaves the US can visitation rights be enforced if she is in the UK ?
Can I go for custody and keep my son in the US ?

Yep...I know that there are a million other pievces of info you need, but this is a start.... :)


Senior Member
Is your wife a UK citizen? US citizen with family in UK? Is your child a US citizen?

Either parent may file for custody. Which of you, if either, have been the primary caregiver? Do you share caregiving?


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Please disregard comments posted by alleged experts.
Issues within this thread and separate thread are exactly that.

I thought this was a forum for information and not judgement ?


Senior Member
Tulsa said:
Please disregard comments posted by alleged experts.
Issues within this thread and separate thread are exactly that.

I thought this was a forum for information and not judgement ?
No that is why some of us are experts, because we see the revevance of all your posts, including your defensiveness when implications are pointed out.
Tulsa said:
What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Tx

This may sound silly but my wife has just crossed a line and has hit me during the course of an argument. No physical damage but a line has been crossed and I want / need her to know that this is unacceptable.
How do I get this put on record ? Do I need to call the Police ?
It was a saucepan this time but I guess she couldt as easily picked up a knife... She wasn't particular as it was the nearest thing to hand.

I don't feel threatened in any way but just want out and this gives me the motivation to do it. Can I also assume that any child custody for her will now be gone if I report this ?....
Thanks for the quick advice.
If I call the Police then what will happen ?

I feel incredibly stupid for even talking about this but know that she'd have called them straight away if I ever lifted a finger to her (Which I will not do)

The last thing I need is for her to be chucked in Jail...I just want it to be recorded somewhere so it can be dragged out during the almost inevitable divorce.....
So what do you feel is missing ?
The basis of this is that my wife and I married in 2000 in order that she could come with me to my new job in the US (Mistake #1). We'd known each other for 10 years before hooking up but things were going downhill before we left the UK.
Got to the US and she couldn't work (Known before we left) but she immediately "shut down" and did, by my definition, nothing. She then got a job.. And then pregenant (Not planned) in January 2002.
Since that point life has been horrible.....
Major financial decisons were made on the basis of 2 salaries and then it cut to 1 almost immediately....(Mistake # 2)
Lots of rows and arguments since baby was born in Oct 2002. This was the one that went over the edge.....
I grew up in an abusive household and know that this will never work....And should have walked a long while ago. If she leaves she takes my son with her and goes back to the UK / Seychelles. I do not want this to happen hence the 'idea' of reporting this....

Help. Please.....
I completely agree..... I wish that I could return to the UK and resolve this issue. However this is not a viable option unless I/we are prepared to damage the family financial status beyond repair.

Thanks for the humane response rmet4nzkx....I guess you must be a really highy regarded professional with comments like that
(Let me know if you need help in understanding sarcasm)

And that is the reason why I don't want to call the Police.
I understand dry British humour, your manners are something else.
When you come for advice you want advice that is relevant not advice that makes you feel good until you get kicked, you know where


Senior Member
Can you answer the questions regarding who is a citizen of where? If no one is a US citizen under what auspices are you in the US?

My guess is that none of you are US citizens or green card holders, and that you personally are here under a work visa. If so, I can't imagine that a US judge would get too excited about getting involved in your case. There is also the Hague Convention to consider. Under the Hague Convention what would be your child's country of "habitual residence"? If you aren't family with the Hague Convention, then I would recommend getting familiar with it...because it would play an important role in your case.

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