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Interstate Questions, plz help

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What is the name of your state?Alaska
I am having a problem and I have never done a child support modification and am having conflicting stories by three different CSE offices.
If you could give me some advice, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have full custody of a 6 almost 7 year old boy, father has no custody, no visitation, by his own choice, although I have not nor will I stand in his way if he wants to see his son.
I had a child in 1998, the father and I never married and 4 months before the baby was born, the father left for college in PA, while I stayed in Washington State with my family.
Within days following my sons birth, I had started the support process. That drug out as the father was not being responsive in returning the paperwork back to Washington. By time my son was a year old, I had left the state of Washington. Support was still not being paid at this time in 1999.
In august 2001, a final order was entered in the court, and support was to start August 25th 2001. Support was not received till mid Dec 2001. And had been continued to be received. The father has no custody of the child, and I have all custody of him. The father is in the Army and not deployed and as of August 2001, was residing in Virginia, while I was living in North Dakota. Last June 2004, I felt that a modification needed to be done on the order. I had also moved to Alaska by this time as well. I had contacted my caseworker in Washington who sent me a ton of paperwork to fill and return. She told me Washington could not modify the order because no parties reside in the state. She did know the father was in Virginia and I was in Alaska. She had said that the request has to go through the non requesting party state, which was Virginia. By time things got rolling, and Virginia had opened a case and was getting ready to take it to court to modify the Washington order, the father had come up on orders being in the military and had to move to Texas this past February 2005. Virginia was not able to modify due to this reason. Washington decided to move it along to Texas after finding the fathers address. In June 2005, Texas opened a case and registered a wage with holding order through the fathers employer the military. My caseworker in Washington had told me she did not request they do the collecting but only modify, and no one had let her know what was going on, no one had even let me know what was going on as well. I had been trying in vain to contact the Office of The Attorney General in Texas where a case is opened and they are collecting support and sending it to Texas. Calls have gone unanswered, and letters have not been answered either. I had been informed finally that Texas will not modify the Washington State order being the fact that I do not live there, and thats where the request came from, and because I live in Alaska. However, Washington gave Texas a Washington address for me. Knowing I do not reside there. I have also been told that unless I want the order modified, I have to open and apply for services here in Alaska where I live. Attorneys have reviewed the case and have reported this back to me of the OAG in Texas where my case is located. I have contacted my caseworker in Washington who tells me no that is not the way it works because WA has the issuing order and how UIFSA is, and how modifications are done, in the nonrequesting party state which would be Texas, and she will fight this because what Texas is doing and telling me is wrong.
She has claimed she has contacted someone in the Texas office and they informed her they are still reviewing the modification, and are sending her documents regarding the modification. I had contacted Texas and they tell me that they are not sending her anything to fill out and look over, the choice was made, either I go with Alaska or a modification is impossible.
I have contacted the child support office here in Anchorage and was told that yes, typically modifications are done in the nonrequesting party state, but if Texas is going to be so verbal regarding the whole situation, then yes, it would be beneficial for me to apply with Alaska and have them request a modification through Texas.
I have contacted Regional Offices OCSE in Washington and Texas. I have only heard back from the Washington OCSE and was told that Texas is still looking into modifying my order, this was current as of August 24th 2005, however a Mr. Jones who has been looking into my case told me that same day, that again Texas will not and is not looking into trying to modify UNLESS I apply with Alaska.
I have been getting conflicting sides from both states and it is downright confusing, I have no idea who is telling me right and who is telling me wrong. Washington wants to fight this out but says we are at the mercy of Texas. I do not wish to drag this out with Washington knowing what the end result will be. If Texas is telling me to go with Alaska in order to get the modification done, that would be a better choice. However, Washington State has assured me if I go that route I will be with out child support for in her words 'God knows how long', I am not sure if that is to scare me or what. I have had to do a lot of ground work to get that support in the first place.
I can not afford a lawyer so that is out of the question. I have looked at the OAG Texas website and that gives very limited information regarding anything besides your basic child support.
What I am asking is, what state is right? Who do I go with and what do I do? I do not wish to cause a lapse in support as my son needs that, although Alaska CSE told me that will not happen because Alaska will register the order for withholding and let Texas let theirs go and then request a modification.
The fathers income has increased at least by $2500 since 2001 if not more, I think my son would benefit from an increase as well.
I have no idea what to do next and could really use some advice if you are able to give it.
I apologize for the length of this and hope I did not confuse you.

Thank you


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Thank you both for replying. This has been overly confusing and very frustrating. I appreciate your help and I will take your advice :D

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