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Is a credit card reversal fraud?

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internet consumer

A couple of month ago I bought something online. It did not contain what the advertisement said it would so I returned it along with a letter that stated that I felt I had been a victim of fraud and would only allow the company to charge me $25 to my charge acct for their shipping costs instead of the 15% they wanted (it was a $168 fee). The director of this organization returned part of the printed material, claiming that I had put two small stars inside it, called me very dumb, charged me $500, and said if I did a charge back, he would sue me and file fraud charges against me. (there are several other issues involved here, but these are the major ones)

I sent copies of EVERTHING to my credit card company and asked for a reversal. The card company has suspended the money (taken it out of his account, but not yet crediting it to my account until a final determination is made). The Director has now sent me two more e-mails and a copy of a letter he wrote to his bank saying what a very dumb person I am (because I left out a word in my letter which changed the meaning of the sentence), that I am a criminal, that he has filed criminal fraud charges against me, and that he is reporting me to the credit bureaus and my credit is now ruined for the next 7 years. Incidentally, after I received the first e-mail from him three days ago, I immediately wrote him back and told him to never contact me again. He's sent one letter and one e-mail since then, both incredibly nasty, threating, and just not what you would expect from the director of a company that includes the words "Ethics" and "Standards" in it's title.

So - do I need an attorney? I threated him with a lawsuit if he hurt me financially or professionaly, and also said I would go to the news, not that I really think that would do any good. This whole thing has just turned into a huge mess, and I just want it resolved. ANY advice is welcome - I'm not low income, but every dollar is squeezed, and I really thought I was getting a quality education package from this organization that would help me move up in life. I am getting physically sick at the thought that this creature could literally put me in jail and destroy my credit.

Again, there are a LOT more issues here concerning the course content, and claims that he made on his website.



If he reports you to the credit bureaus before your CC company has ruled, & the company decides in your favor, he has libeled you and will have to pay you lots of money. Let him know that you WILL sue him in a flash. Also let him know that you'll put up a web site dedicated to telling the world about his fraudulent sales tactics, his trash product, his abusive practices, and his illegal debt collection attempts. Two can play the intimidation game!

No more email communications. Emails can be changed after you send them, so you can't admit them into court. Send certified, return receipt letters instead. If you talk to him on the phone, start the answering machine tape & say "I am going to tape this conversation." Get the notice on the tape. Save the tapes to admit into court later if necessary.

Don't worry about the fraud charges. He's an idiot & is just trying to intimidate you. It's not fraudulent to reject merchandise that is not as it was described, nor to challenge a credit charge. Fraud would be if you disputed the charge AND kept the material.

This is not legal advice and you are not my client. Double check everything with your own attorney and your state's laws.

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