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Is a psychologist just supposed to take an ex-s word as fact?

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What is the name of your state? California

The psychologist/custody evaluator came to the conclusion that my boyfriend is bipolar based on his ex saying so. The psych. is also saying my bf is a "drug addict," again only because his ex claims that. He has been told to either pay himself to prove it wrong or to "get help." Can the psychologist just take the word of his ex (who has been in trouble herself for drugs) as fact and state those things as fact? Both are wrong, and we don't know if he really has to pay to prove those allegations false or if they are supposed to prove them true.



It seems like in order for a report to hold up in court, the psychologist/custody evaluator wowuld have to ave personally evaluated your bf. I could be wrong, but it seems that legally it osuldn't only be one sided.


Laws have been broken left and right in this case. The first step to diagnosing bipolar is an exam by a MEDICAL doctor since bipolar is a MEDICAL condition. This guy doesn't have the authority to make this kind of diagnosis to begin with, much less off of just someone's word. He says it's legal because an ex-wife would know "the truth." Never mind that this custody battle is fierce and she has already lied before (among other things, she alleged that my bf molested the girl because she got a yeast infection during a period the CPS already proved the girl was with the mother, so that charge was dropped-and it was found that the infection was due to a large amount of antibiotics that were not prescribed to the girl!!)

So unless we can get this guy disqualified, he's prepared to go to court and state these things as fact and recommend placement back with the mother!


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It's seems to me that social services has the psychologist doing the dirty work for them. They want this child, she is 4 right? Probably cute as a button. They like them under 5, sweet, easy to manipulate, much easier to adopt out for those federal dollars & brownie points. He's going to lose that kid unless he he proves he's not bi-polar. I suggest additional evaluation(s)(?), try a psychologist in a different county but who will agree to testify in court. He also needs his own lawyer, fire the court appointed one. Beg, borrow, sell everything to get the money. You haven't stated how long the child has been in foster care, but if it's non relative 15 out of 22 months the child will, under federal law (gee thanks CLINTON) can be adopted out. Are there any relatives who can file a motion to intervene?
You might find this article on Maine interesting:
Best of luck!


Exactly. She has model looks, the super pale skin, cornsilk curls, and light blue eyes. Her personality is incredible, and I speak withut bias. I have been around many children, and none have been as amazing as her. I believe they have had people request to adopt her. And there is a government website that talks about how much money states get for adopting children out of CPS. But children in CPS still have family fighting for them! Children in adoption agencies do not. The judge hearing the trial advocates adopting children out of the San Joaquin County CPS system.

We are going to get this psychologist removed from the case. He can't claim to be impartial if we file a complaint with the California Board of Psychology now, can he? We're reporting him for not only making a diagnosis he isn't even qualified to make based on my bf's ex's word, but also that he accepted additional money from the ex, which is actually documented in court papers. And we are also going to take him to small claims to cover the additional costs of the proper doctors to show that my bf is not bipolar and not a drug user, and also punitive for basing his diagnosis on the word of the other parent. Even if the small claims judge calls it frivolous, the point still stands that he can't claim impartiality since it wuld stand that he would obviously hold a biased view.

We are also filing a couple of CCP 170.1(a)(6)(C) reports on the judges who have broken his constitutional rights and the law.

The child has been with CPS on and off since December of 2002, and each time she was taken it was from the mother, with the exception of the last time when the mother filed a false police report, which has already been proven false. The same judge that gave us emergency custody overturned it 8 hours later in the middle of the night and moved the case from family court back to juvenile court.

Of course it doesn't help that his dad is now saying he's a bad parent. He's trying to extort my bf's trust from him, even though he can't legally touch the rest for another 5 years (what he was allowed to take out he already spent on legal bills, all $35,000 of it). The dad sent this in an e-mail several times, each of which was sent to the attorney, printed, and still saved in his e-mail. So the dad's word means Jack in court, but the psychologist, even after reading the e-mails and the dad not denying it, is using it against my bf. The dad said today that he's going to recommend that the child be adopted unless he gets the money.

Hopefully this will all work. Otherwise the system will place her back where she has been hurt. We're trying to get ahold of the media now. It can't hurt at this point. We want to expose the whole system for the corrupt piece of **** it is.

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