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Is Suspension Nationwide?

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What is the name of your state - NJ.

Regarding a previous issue about a DUI in AZ, but having a NJ Driver's License: My question seems to be very difficult, as I cannot seem to get a straight answer unless I actually pay a hefty retainer to a NJ lawyer. Here's the deal:

DUI in AZ; fines paid, jail term served, education classes completed (all done in AZ). Requirement for Interlock Device on NJ vehicle is still undetermined.
90-day license suspension by AZ started.
Have not heard a peep from State of NJ or NJ DMV.

If I were to be pulled over driving in NJ, would either AZ and/or NJ consider me "driving while suspended"? If AZ finds out I was driving in any other state, can they increase my penalties? Will or should I expect to receive a suspension notice from NJ, and if so will it be for the same term (run concurrent, or even longer?)

Thanks again, any insight or advice is greatly appreciated!

I am in a similar situation. Home state is PA. DWI state was NJ. The way I read it and have read it from replies of some knowledgable people here. You have given up your rights to drive in AZ. In 6 weeks to as much as a year, your home state NJ should be notified of your DUI in AZ. This will then kick off ramifications in NJ. The thing is, you have to see what effect out-of-state DUI's have in NJ. An out-of-state DUI in PA counts as a first offense, but will not suspend your license.

Out-of-state DUI convictions: No suspension for first offense; 12 month license suspension for second or subsequent offense.

You could be in the clear, but I wouldn't go off of what I've said here. Look into it or have an attorney look into it. If you see the law written on NJ DMV's site somewhere, then make note of it and then contact them. Don't go assuming.
The can run concurrent. I am expecting (hoping) for a 7-12 month suspension in NJ for DWI this past memorial day. I am figuring PennDot will pick up on this in Sept-Oct and suspend me for a year because PA may consider this my second. There are dissenting opionions on this, but I've been through ARD (2000) and ARD apparently counts as your first offense in PA, but does not count as a conviction in NJ.
If you really want to know if NJ know about it, why don't you just order and abstract of your driving record from NJ DMV ;) just a thought
that is an idea, BUT, if NJ DMV hasn't received notification of the DUI in AZ, it may not be on there. You might best in finding out how often they do DL record sweeps.
I still don't know if that means I can or cannot legally drive in other states! I have not gotten anything from NJ DMV, though the suspension is in effect in AZ. The little info I got from the NJ DMV website says that moving violations occurring in other states will transfer to your NJ license, but that only refers to points you would have received had the infraction occurred in NJ. Can AZ do anything to penalize you if you get a ticket in any other state while your license is suspended only in AZ?
Thanks again!
The Nj Dmv Will Notify You If They Get Anything. I Can't Really Estimate What Their Time Frame Will Be. I've Known People That It Took 2 Weeks And For People It Took A Year. You Can't Be Sure When, Where, Or How You Will Be Notified. If You Haven't Been Notified, Then Your Dl In Jersey Is Still Valid. Not In Az Of Course. You Are Out Of Trouble In Az. Az Cannot Hold Jurisdiction Over Your Driving Privs In Jersey.

Case In Point...had This Been My First Incident, The Judge In Nj Could Suspend My Dl For 7-12 Months In Nj, Send Me To Treatment And/or Jail For 12 Hrs To 48 Hrs And Imprison Me For 30 Days. Plus Fines Of Course....but In Pa It Would Be Considered A First Offense, Pa Would Send Me A Letter Telling Me To Drive Safer In Other States And Be On Their Way. Out-of-state Dui's In Pa Do Not Get A Suspension.

2nd Time Offenders Get One Year Suspension.
We often receive calls from individuals who have a New Jersey Driver's License and have been charged or convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in another State. Basically, this is the procedure. The individual must first contact an attorney in another State (say for example North Carolina). They must then fight the DWI charge in the North Carolina courts and they are subject to the penalties for DWI in North Carolina. All North Carolina can do, because the individual has a New Jersey Driver's License, is suspend the offender's driving privileges in North Carolina and notify New Jersey of the DWI conviction. Then the individual will be subject to DWI penalties in New Jersey as well. Therefore, the matter must first be litigated in North Carolina and there are legal strategies available to avoiding punishment in New Jersey for this out of state DWI conviction
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