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Is this program legit?

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I came across the following advertisement in an entrepreneur magazine. Can anyone tell me if it's legitimate/legal?

I used OCR scanning software to scan the ad; so please excuse the spelling errors in the ad.

Thanks in advance.


YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $1000 a day

"The lazy man's way to riches. Mostpeople are too busy earning a living to
nwke any nwney.

I made $ 1,000 in 24 hours. You may do better.

How would vou like to make $ 1,000 a day, just for mailing circula7rs from
home? What if I give you the circular and told you who to mail it to? Best
ofa you

w [email protected] to
ill never need to purchase a postage stamp or ha worry about advertising.

If you can follow my simple instructions, I will personally show you how to
make as much as $24,000 in 30 days or less. In fact, if you don't have
$24,000 spendable cash in your hands 30 days after t ing my ry
secret, I'll send you a personal check for $20.00, FREE (my address is at the
end ofthis letter.) I figure by offering you $20.00 just for trying my secret,
you are going to make money no matter what happens.
First, let me say, this is not some "pie in the sky," unproven,
unsubstantiated, "get-rich-quick"schem,. This system has been perfected,
proven and under-wraps for years. I'mgoingtogiveyoueverythingyouneedt [ve all
your money problems overnight. I guarantoeseoit!

This secret will generate tremendous wealth, very quickly for anyone,
anywhere, regardless of a ge, race, state ofhealth, country oforigin and most
importantly, your current financial standing.

The truth is I used to work hard. Real hard. Sixty hours a week, just to
scrape by and barely pay my bi Is. Actually, it wasn't paying the bills. I
didn't start mak ng big money, until I did less. A lot less. I'm going to g
ve you a secret I stumbled upon just over 4 years ago wh ch made me a
millionaire, practically overnight.

A True Story

Not too long ago I was flat broke. Actually, I was $28,000 in debt. The bank
repossessed my car because I couldn't keep up with the payments. This long
streak of bad luck finally ended with an eviction notice because 1 hadn't paid
rent in three months. So I had to move out. I stayed at my cousins place for
the rest of the month until I could figure out what I vias going to do. 'This
was the most embarrassing day ofmy life.

At the lowest point of my life, I landed on the most incredible secret. I
decided to call an old friend from college. She was thrilled to hear from me,
we talked for over 2 hours on the phone. I explained to her the whole story,
every embarrassing detail. On the other hand, my friend was doing great! She
ended up inviting me over for dinner with her and her new husband.

When I got there, I couldn't believe my eyes. Her and her husband had just
build a huge beautiful home, swimming pool, guest house, you name it they had

After dinner she sat me down and revealed the most amazing secret I'd ever
heard. She simply said, "Follow these instructions step-by-step and you'll
make a fortune. " She was right. It worked perfectly.

I can't believe that day was only 4 years ago. Things are very different for
me now. I just purchased my third home in 4 years. In fact, I'm writing this
letter to You from my penthouse apartment. It's on the top floor ofthe
building I now own. My two other homes are in Phoenix and San Diego. I use
them strictly for vacationing in the cold winter months. I own several cars,
my personal favorite, a new $120,000 Porsche. I just had it custom outfitted
with plush black leather seating, a Bose sound system and 12 disc CD changer.
What a car!

I can afford to dine in the finest restaurants around and shop in the most
expensive stores in town. I love to vacation 3 or 4 times a year. Every time
it's someplace new. The bottom line is, if I want to buy something or travel
somewhere, I now have the money to do it.

I'm really not trying to impress you with my wealth. I'm just trying to prove
that if it wasn't for this money secret I was lucky enough to find that day,
I'd still be poor or maybe even bankrupt. It was only because of this money
secret that I was able to pull myselfout ofdebt fast and become rich. Very

My Secret

The secret is simple. Anyone can use it. It would actually I! hard to make a
mistake ifyou tried. The money win start rolling in fast. In some cases you
may be able to "cash in" literally overnight. If you can


fol ow my simple instructions you can get started in a

single afternoon and it's possible to have SpeHURDle money in your hands the
very next morning. This might be the fastest legal way to make money that has
ever been invented.

, If you knew me, you'd see it's obvious, I'm not a [email protected], " your IQ is
probably higher than mine. You

[email protected]'t need a college degree or even a high school cuucation to do this. All
you need is a little common sense and the ability to follow my simple
instructions, which I will give you.
Everything can be done from your home, injust hours a day. You don't need any
special equipment or even an office. This is one ofthc safest ways to make
some extra cash. It's practically risk free.

My secret is riot a dangerous gamble. Everything you do has already been
tested and proven to make money. You can get started for less money than most
people spend for dinner and a movie.

You're probably sitting here wondering, why would I share this secret with
you? 'I'o make money? Hardly. First, I already have all the money and
possessions I'll ever need. Second, my secret doesn't involve any sort of
competition whatsoever. 'Third, nothing is more satisfying than sharing this
secret with someone who is going to put my methods to use and make a ton
offiloney with them, like you're going too!

$150,000 Cash

My initial investment was under $40.00. In less
than 6 weeks I had quite my job and was taking 'n as

much as $ 1,000 A DAY...... ... HUNDREDS [email protected]' THOUSANDS OF DOI,I,ARS A YEAR.

In a mauer ofweeks I was receiving so many cash orders that the Post Office
called and refused to bring the delivery to my apartment because it was too
large. I had to start going and picking up my mail. I've never won the
lottery, but you canjust imagine that feel ing ofgoing to the mailbox and
finding thousands of dollars in cash orders. My money problems were
officially over. For good!

Eventually it would take me all dayjust to open all

the orders. When I was done with the counting,
sometimes I needed a cardboard box to carry everything
to the bank. rich

This has absolutely nothing to do with door-to-door

selling, telephone solicitation, real estate or anything else that involves
personal contact. Most importantly, you never have to ask your friends or
family for a penny.

Everything about this idea is perfectly legal and honest. You will be proud
of what you ar'e doing and you will be providing a very valuable service.

It will only take you a couple ofhours to learn how to use this secret. Once
you decide to make it happen, everything else will just fall into place.


I know you're skeptical. After all, what I'm saying is probably contrary to
what you've beard from your friends, your family, your teachers, maybe
everyone you've ever met. I can only ask you one question.

How many ofthem are millionaires?
I helped peoplejust like you, beginners, go out and
make millions, every year with this same exact secret.

Verified Bank Deposits

March $115,509 July $87,274
April $112,908 August $106,838
May $127,153 September $109,781

June $103,896 October $117,541

Here is absolute proofofwhat can be done and what is r)e,ng done - by
beginners just like you using my methods. Just listen:

- /'//admit, I was skeptical atfirst. Once I receivedyour package and
triedyoitr simple system ofmaking money, I couldn't believe the results I L.
Stewart -


Senior Member
Looks like a typical SCAM. Check out the FTC.gov site.

This is intended as general information only and NOT LEGAL ADVICE. You are not my client, and I have no obligation of any kind to you. To retain a lawyer, go to http://AttorneyPages.com


"If something sounds too good to be true, it is." Robert Heinlein.

This is not legal advice and you are not my client. Double check everything with your own attorney and your state's laws. [email protected] - please include some facts so I know who you are!

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