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It’s an onion-

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In distress

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my ex made false allegations to the CRA in 2013 about my custody of my kids that I have been raising 100% by myself without his support at all. I didn’t know that he did this because every couple years I would take one year off of filing my taxes so that I got the infusion of a lump sum the following year that I could apply appropriately to make our lives better - I didn’t find out he did this until 2014 when I filed and 8 weeks later received the letter indicating I was under investigation.
For the next 5 years - to give you the short story , even tho I complied and THEN SOME consistently and constantly , me and my kids were subjected to:

Losing my job because i couldn’t afford child care anymore because as of June 2014 my monthly cctb no longer came ,

No job-couldn’t afford the house - moved the three of us into a friends 1 BEDROOM BASEMENT APT.

Couldn’t get social asssistance because my taxes weren’t up to date .

Christmas dinner served from a can for 3 straight years .

I provided doctors letters/ school letters/ temporary custody papers FROM COURT. - all of which they lost / misplaced/ claiming to have not received - and so on and so forth.

In 2016 oct. I was told that FINALLY THEY HAD ALL MY DOCUMENTS and that I would receive my first payment dec 13 with my first child tax reinstated payment - JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS - NOPE!

Now all these years I had NO INCOME - I had obviously no use for my bank account - and anticipating my money coming I thought I’d make sure it was still open and NOPE it was not - so I called the agency to inform them it was closed and was told that my payment was postponed until Jan and that everyone had left for their holidays and there was nothing they could do-
ANOTHER Xmas dinner with the canned chef .

Two weeks later my ex housemate / landlord called me and said I had mail from the CRA - I told her to open it she said it was a check for 22k and if I wanted she would cash it thru her daughters account (fantastic credit) and bring me the money. I said yes - wrote the email of consent and she brought it to me with the other letters indicating that it was one of four instalments and that I would receive the next one in May - immediately I moved to a house in a proper area - got my kids into the schools I wanted them in got a car - furniture , care and a job. Everything great right?
May 2017
I didn’t get my payment , when I moved into the house I paid the rent 8 months in advance made a startup investment into my music ( I am a musician) and did NOT ANTICIPATE I WOULD END UP IN THIS SITUATION AGAIN.
This time it took three weeks to get an answer more efficient than the we will have to look into it - please call back in a week.. and when I did this is what I was told “your payments were all deposited into your Scotia account last October “.


I employed a local MPs office - and after a cpl month found out that my ex housemate / landlord had written up false T4s and had my money sent to her own bank account .

MADE reports to both local and rcmp - NO HELP.

Confronted her and even got a written confession- which my MPs office and I submitted - and I was basically told to go fuck myself -

The CRA processed T4s on an account under a 5 year long investigation - WITH THE WRONG SIN NUMBER WRITTEN ON THEM - crossed out twice - and then written again. Everything just went down hill from there-

  • Had to give up childcare
  • Lost job
  • Sold car
  • Fell behind
  • I was set to move in March 2018 - as the house I rented was up for demolition - I fell behind on rent back in nov but a stroke of luck from a casino email that I normally would ignore won me 4 dollars more than I owed - and literally just saved us from eviction - however - the landlords lunatic anger didn’t stop there march 28 I am half packed up and it feels like an earthquake hits my house - MY LANDLORD WAS BULLDOZING THE HOUSE WITH ME IN IT.
  • Police were called and law was applied but EVERYTHING was destroyed .
  • With nowhere to put my kids - I had to force their father to take them for a couple weeks .
  • He took them alright -
  • Two weeks later I found it odd that I didn’t hear from my kids all day - and couldn’t reach him- his gf- or even his sister -
  • So I went out to his house and FOUND NOTHING!
  • Not even a spic of dust on the floor.
  • I called Children’s Aid and the police and they said to give it til the morning and if nothing they will put out an amber alert
  • At 845 am the next morning I get a text message from my daughter who took an iPad she found and her brother and the first chance they had left THE DISGUSTING BASEMENT APT THEY WERE LEFT IN WITH NO FOOD OR EVEN CLOTHES. And walked until they found a wifi signal- IN CENTRAL TORONTO - at 11 and 7 at the time
With nowhere to go we moved in temporarily with the assistant MP who was such an angel thru all this .
My daughter was assaulted by her father - and everything was just such a mess.

I have been fighting ever since - I was able to get a job cleaning all over the GTA. And come sept the kids and I were renting a room from my estranged mother- until we could find a place- in November I walked in to her verbally abusing my son ( Oprah would come out of retirement , that’s how disgusting )
And then went to stay with their fathers sister . By Xmas I was spending more than I was saving as to keep the peace she required a list of things every day -
So I moved us into an Airbnb temp - right across from my sons school -
The lady who rented to us lived in the basement - we made friends - and she offered to watch my kids so I could work more for a small fee -
In March this year (2019) while I was in London on a gig for my music - she started fighting with me on the phone by txt - my daughter was telling me on another line she was threatening to call children’s aid because I owed her some money from the previous week - OF WHICH SHE WAS GETTING THE NEXT MORNING WHEN I GOT HOME-
After a cpl hours of craziness I settled everything - and under the impression my kids were safe in their beds decided that I would take them back to my moms in the morning - when I got home - I called the police before going near the house to avoid any further conflict - to my horror- when they showed up , I LEARNED MY KIDS WERE PUT INTO THE CARE OF CHILDRENS AID THE NIGHT BEFORE .
I just had every allegation withdrawn in court and after almost four months without a beating heart - I get my kids back July 3rd -

Had they done their required dilligence in the first place - NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

I cannot afford a lawyer -
But I’m willing to split 50/50 on what I’m awarded if there is one out there that will work on contingency.

Legal aid won’t cover it.

If there is someone out there -
With a heart and the nerve .
There is no time like the present.

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