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Job Discrimination/Retaliation

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i am from alabama. I have worked for government contractors at a NASA center for 22 years with no problem, raises, excellant evaluations. I would like to be brief, but i don't know how this is so bad. here is my problem.
my wife filed a charge against my current management in 1996, I began working for them in 1998. i feel they are retaliating against me because of wifes charge. they first tried to demote me to night shift help desk.
i filed accomodation to stay on dayshift for my aa meetings (i am recovering alcoholic and suffer from anxiety and depression). mysupervisor made comments in that i received no raise because i am depressed. in a meeting she indicated that maybe i should be drug tested (i was asking about a computer problem I was having) and that me another worker were questioned about having been drinking. have been sober 6 years. When i asked for my accomodation they grilled me further after i provided dr documentation, ie..what step iwas on,how many chips. hr and management both said that they may show up for one of my meetings. they keep my dr information in my personnel folder. i was refused access to my personal folder saying there was nothing in there for me to see (got ig help and found 2 writeups i was not aware of)(i work for government contractor. they wrote in my personnel folder that i am not allowed to see hr policy.
i have been denied raises, they changed my job title to a greater position with no raise, no christmas bonus as everyone else got in my department. i have to train all new employees.
my supervisor physically grabbed me and humiliated me in a customers office and wrote me up for dress code when i wear what others wear.(and wrote me up 3 weeks after the fact)
my supervisor accused me of sleeping on job one lunch time but no reprimand and then suspended me the next day at 3:30 for 2 days with no prior notice. I was on my lunch hour and even have computer proof that there was activity on my machine at my lunchtime. He made me get up and work during the last thirty minutes of my lunch.
i was then suspended an additional 4 days for writing an email stating that if the harrassment did not stop that i would go to eeoc and wastold that i could then go get my johnny cochran.
they leave me off important work related email distribution I filed charges with eeoc the day of the suspension. The retaliation and harrassment has worsebed. i was placed on performance improvement plan with extreme discplinary measures that no else does like proper notification of emergency leave and although other use email when they have a sick kid or whatever, email is not sufficient or telling in my case., i am required to page them and wait for return call from them in an emergency situation and bring dr excuses when i have leave and approved;no one else is required to do this.
i am failed me in the performance improvement plan even when there are holidays and work meetings and i cannot meet the quota as no one else can in those situations.
when i applied for another job and they got a reference call that week they did not fail me.
after filing with eeoc, I again recieved an extremely bad performance evaluation worse then before, no raise.
i was given a final written warning toward termination for writing an email requesting an appeal for my performance evaluation. this final letter also involved my leave of which they wrote me up even though my leave was always requested in advance and approved in regards to my performance improvement plan.
also included in my final warning letter was the fact that my wife wrote an email to my boss which was not bad. idon't feel that my wife's email should have any bearing on my work.
the final warning was also on disrespect in regards to the email about eeoc that i sent although my supervisor always passes me in the stupid performance improvement program on leave and respect. that i have been adhereing to the rules and then the upper management writes me up for those very things.
my blood pressure was always normal, it is now 140/100 and i have had to seek counseling in addition to extra aameetings. I am having to go have a stress test as i am having chest pains also and even with approved leave that I am afforded, i am still required to bring excuse and no one else has to to this.
and any leave that i took was emergency leave mostly due to my 2 yr old sons asthma.

this is now headed for mediation august 10. but is there something esle i can do. i don't know if i will make it until then. and no attorney wants this unless i get fired. I can't afford to be fired. i have no education and no one else will hire me for the money I make now after 22 years with no education. I have tried to find other work. Thanks for any advice I can get.

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