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What is the name of your state? Kansas, Florida, Alabama, and New York

I hope we can find out what we need to know through here. Ok here goes. My stepson has lived with his grandparents who have legal custody through the state of alabama for almost 7 years. My SS (stepson) mother and father signed over custody. At the time his mother was dating a not so good man who in turn rubbed off on her and she began neglecting the careos my SS. My husband was in the military and thought he could take custody of my SS. He took time thought about it and in turn decided he would not beable to do it as a single father in the military with all the travel he was required to do. So that is how the grandparents recieved custody. Well the GP remained in alabama where my SS mom resided, but then her boyfriend started to threaten them saying he would kill them and take my SS. They in turn told my SS mom if it did not stop they would move. Well they did they moved to the state of Florida. They told her they were moving and when the date became final they tried to contact her but could not so they sent a letter by mail telling her how she could contact them. She inturn continued to only see him or call him every six months to a year and made hundreds of empty promises. My SS has been in counseling for over year trying to get help with alot of his issues as a result. Well in the meantime we continued to do what we could living in Kansas we called every week, went to visit 1-2 a year sent gifts on the appropiate occasions etc.. On his moms end a year and a half go buyand we get word that she has left her boyfriend and is moving to New York. Well she does this, this last April she lived with her sister for awhile got a full time job met a guy a few months laterand is now living with him. She started to call my SS a little more trying to do right we were all impressed. In the meantime we have arranged for airline tickets for my SS to see us in Kansas for 6weeks. Well as soon as she finds out she says I wanted him (my SS) to spend the summer with me. Well everyone was a little hesitant but with the assurance from her mother everything would be fine we all agreed it would be good for Trevor to go but only for 9 days this year because his tickets to kansas had already been purchased. So after he leaves here he goes home to Florida for two days then flies to New York knowing it was only a visit. Well when it came time to go home he did not want to leave of course, so she did not make him. She has refused to put him on a flight home. now she will talk to anyone answer calls nothing. The last she said to us was I am keeping him. He is supposed to be in school he has already missed two days and is considered truant, but she does not care. What we need to know is if any of us out of the state have a right to go to New York and get him from her. We told her that non of us has a problem with him eventually going to live with his her but that now is not the time. This is the first time he has seen her for two years! we need to know that she is going to continue to right she has not been in the relationship she is in very long and she lives with him what happens if they break up then where will she be. We all want to take the time to make sure this is the right thing, get my SS in some therapy so he can decide with a clear head if that is what he wants. We told her next school year. That way she can prove her self to us, we can get to know Mark her boyfriend, my SS can get to know her we told her we would send him for xmas and spring break. and for 6 weeks in the summer and after that if wants to go and everything is in order in her life he can go back to Florida to retrieve his stuff and return to New York and start the school year there with only power of attorney and if it after the first half of school is what they both still really want that everyone would agree to him living there, but of course with visitation to his father still and if agreed to his grandparents. She says no!! She wants it in writing he can live with her this xmas or she is not sending him home at all. What can we do to get him home she is going about this all wrong what are our rights and what choices do we have (grandparents. father and I our kids etcc.) She has said even with her having custody we will be allowed to visit him but he would not be allowed to visit us. She knows we would not be able to do that payfor 6 airline tickets and to hotel rooms and rental cars. We need help!!! Any ideas???:(


Tell Grandma and Grandpa, since they have legal custody, to go to NY, take their custody papers and go to the local police station and file charges against this woman, she has kidnapped this child and is breaking a court order.

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