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Landlord/roomate illegal eviction

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What is the name of your state? NY

I am having a problem understanding if my landlord is my roomate and he changes the locks and removes my property is that still considered an illegal eviction?....and if so what should I do about it?


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Are you listed on the lease with your roomate and to whom do you pay rent the actual LL or your roomate ?


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well so that you have alittle background info...we live in a co-op and I pay rent to my roomate who is the owner of the apt..the roommate attempted to evict me through housing court as a holdover but his case was thrown out for not giving the proper 30days notice...he then put up a door to prevent me from accessing the kitchen which he and the coop both recieved fines for...he then filed an order of protection against me and didn't give the officers my address leading them to believe that he didn't know where I lived...and when I returned home he had the locks changed and added additional locks on the door....when I returned with the police they told me that there was nothing that they could do...he also told the officers that he had moved my property to another locations...I have been to court several times and he has not appeared...the order of protection was changed so that I was allow to return home...but he still refuses to let me in...and has placed all of my belongings in storage...I am not exactly sure about how I should approach this situation.. :confused:

Ok, don't take this the wrong way. I'm sure that somehow, legally, you have some rights, etc.

BUT, for goodness sake.......WHY would you want to stay? Are you masochistic? Are you just trying to annoy the landlord? Do you just have a burning desire to "win"? Even if he is 100% completely wrong and you are 100% completely right - I just don't get why you'd want to subject yourself to living conditions like that? Life is so short......why not just move on and chalk this up to one of life's odder lessons?

Find another place (a happy place) to live, get your belongings, and never cross paths with the person again.

Best of luck,
Karla in Amarillo


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Well Right now all I'm really trying to do is get my property back...and I want to get some info about this particular type of situation...He literally went behind the court order to have me put out of the apt when I had agreed to leave at another time...now I want to know if I have a case against him...I have only four days worth of clothes, no work uniforms (I'm an EMT) and when I wanted to take some of my property from the apt. he wouldn't allow me or the police officers into the apartment...I even went as far as to bring in a nuetural party and he still refused to give me my things...so since july 4th I've been trying to sort this out I've gone to the police to have them escort me to the apt like my court order says and they come with me and refuse to take a report...he called the detectives and they came to the place I am currently staying and tried to arrest me because he said I violated the court order which I didn't...after the last court date I had a friend call and ask where my belongings were and he refused once again to give them to me so I may want to get on his nerve on the inside but I really just want him to take responsibility for what he has done and return all of my property....but I want to know what the correct procedure would be

Ok. That seems a little better. I was under the impression from your earlier posts that you were still trying to reside there.

How could you not have rights in this situation? Theft. If nothing else he has stolen your property by not allowing you to retrieve it.

Do you have an attorney? It definitely seems like it's time to get one. If the police are unwilling to act on your behalf at your insistance surely an attorney will know the correct steps to take.

Best of luck,
K in A

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