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thank you lawrat...sorry to have bothered you....you are so generous with your time...i too wish you the best of luck passing the bar.. :eek:)

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by patti:
thank you for your opinion....one thing i didn't understand in the last part of your reply...about the attorney preserving this argument?...i'm not sure what this means...so you mean if you can't afford an attorney for appeal they won't appoint a public defender?.....i appreciate the advice about calling the bar.....and really just any advice....the truth is i don't know if my son is gulity or innocent...all i know is he's 20......and he's my son..and i don'
t want to give up on him if he is innocent as he says...he's been in county jail over a year on this..hasn't been sentenced yet...his attorney ..the one i paid....is supposed to go thru that with him.....the thing is...the man won't even call me back....and i'm the one who paid!....it just scares me to have my son's life in his hands..i have only called a few times....it's not like i'm a phone harrasser...if anything..i'm probably better than most clients at being patient...do most attorneys behave this way?....maybe it's like doctors..lol.....even at parties people want your services...for free usually....*s*....thanks again......means a lot that you replied...patti

My response:

All you know is that he's your son? At trial, was evidence introduced concerning the video tape, the gun, and the money he attempted to steal? Did he place others in fear for their lives? Tell us about his upbringing that culminated in his "need" to rob a bank. Tell us about his upbringing that culminated in his use of a gun? Tell us about his upbringing that culminated in his need to recklessly endanger the lives of others? Tell us about his upbringing that culminated in his need to commit other crimes in the past? Tell us why he is indifferent to potentially killing someone?

I think you really know more about your son than you'd like us to know.


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