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Lost Baggage + Damages

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Not sure if this is where I Should post this, but I don't see any other place.
Here is the case. In october of 2000, I was travelling on greyhound buslines from Sacremento CA to Ottawa Canada. Somewhere before Toledo they lost my bag (contents valued at approx $950 american) I was told when I filed my claim with them if the bag was not found in 90 days they would process the claim, and pay me out. It has now been 7 months and they are continuing to give me the run around. Everytime I call they say they are going to process it and it will take about 2 weeks and I call back 3 weeks later and they haven't even touched the file. I have 2 issues here. 1 - I want compensation for my bag, obviously they are not going to find it, and they owe me the money for the contents of my bag 2 - In my bag was a dental plate that I have been unable to replace due to the cost of it, and my lack of dental insurance. I grind my teeth at night, and I have done severe damage to them and they are beyond hyper sensitive, hot cold, sweet, anything makes them ache. I was not going to seek damages for that (because I did expect it to come to this)but now I believe I would like to seek damages. Their HQ is in Dallas, and I live in New brunswick Canada. Any opinions if I have a case, my chances of getting a lawyer, where I should seek a lawyer etc? all input would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not sure about buslines, but airlines lost baggage policies are controlled by the The Interstate Commerce Act and by any limitations to liability that might be in their contract (your ticket). In fact, here is what Greyhound says on the issue of liability:
"The maximum liability to Greyhound is $250.00 for all baggage checked per adult ticket and $125.00 per child's ticket. Neither Greyhound nor other participating bus carriers are responsible for the loss of or damage to baggage in excess of the value allowances. Greyhound will only be responsible to the extent of the actual loss or damage sustained based on the actual baggage at the time and place of checking, and will NOT accept any liability for unchecked baggage."

There is also some confusion about who might be responsible for the 'lost' luggage. Your post says, "they lost my bag". In reading the baggage FAQ's at Greyhounds website, they apparently are NOT responsible for the transfer of baggage from one bus change to another. It says, "I'll be changing buses en route to my destination. Is baggage automatically transferred to the next bus?
No. It is the passenger's responsibility to retrieve luggage at the transfer point and check it onto the next bus in their schedule.

Do I always have to transfer my own baggage?
Special handling ID tags are also available for customers that need special help with their luggage, such as elderly passengers, passengers with disabilities, or adults traveling with small children."

The Greyhound site also details specifics of filing claims (this seems contradictory, claiming no liablity for transfers, etc.; yet processing claims!!). You might want to check to see that you have done everything you need. Their site is at: http://www.greyhound.com/faq/baggage.shtml

Finally, if you have done everything, and still having problems and delays, I would send a certified (RRR) letter detailing the specifics of the lost baggage with claim information to their Customer Assistance Department at:
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Customer Assistance Department, MS490
P.O. Box 660689
Dallas, TX 75266-0689
Phone: (214) 849-8966 during weekday business hours

(Check the following for information on contacting their department and what is needed:
http://www.greyhound.com/faq/assist.shtml )



They're website may say that, but the back of their claim tickets says a different thing. Liability is $1000, and they do not say they are not responsible for lost luggage. My baggage was not supposed to even leave the bus (I was on the same bus from sacremento to toledo, and when I arrived in toledo and looked under the bus it was gone.)Someone screwed up somewhere and took it off the bus. This is why I believe they are liable. My ticket was clearly marked detroit (the counterperson in Sacremento filled it out himself)
Our biggest stop was a couple refueling stops (it was an express route). And even if they are not liable for the luggage itself (by some loophole here) Would they be liable for the damages resulting from the lost luggage? I did everything I could to ensure it's safe passage ( i even looked under the bus at one of our stops before toledo to make sure it was there)


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