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Lost every thing including son by false reports..PLEASE READ>>

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What is the name of your state?undefinedWhat is the name of your state?Colorado
My son and I have been living this nightmare since June 19,2005 fathers day.
We came to Colorado @ 2 yrs ago,my boyfriend of 5yrs, was already here after 9/11,he has a older brother,45yrs old, meth user, 3x felon, no job, abuses his mother 70yrs old, sweetest, non-judgemental little french woman you would ever meet. Any how, I am 37, 3 children 17, 15, and my son 13.Was a nurse cardiology field for 18 yrs.In the begining all was fine, then the resentment and hate twords me began after the last time I had him arrested for stealing mail, home/buss burglery, threat to his mothers life,forgery, washing checks you name it. He does not know I turned him in ! Well things became worse after he returned from A county jail in Feb 2005,serving 2months for all those charges! things with my boyfriend and I have come to Domestic violence issues, continous fighting to the point i had to leave
in order to have my son safe. do not trust either of the brothers, well boyfriend goes to GA for visit & rehab, gone 2 weeks (yes!!!) son & I go to motel for awhile.I moved out on March 25, 2005 and during that time him in GA, the brother manipulates the mother to get a Elderly abuse Restraining order against me. No prob, do not plan on going back to that house ever again.Son and I doing great, no boyfriend, start new contract, son still goes to church with the mother etc. On june 19th, son was doing a yard sale at the house, I was moving our stuff to new apt, and helping another friend move also, at 4:30pm son & mother went to church and dinner, still moving at that time. I had another call the house to let son know I will meet him at the Kings Soopers down the road, restrain order, at the car, the brother starts yelling he will call the police if they call again. Now it is 7-8pm i see son & mom circeling around , they went to house, son came to car on bike, crying and upset.A County police were at the house, not me, brother was destroying the articals that were stored there like TV's, furniture, almost the entire house.He was smashing them and throwing them in the hole for the pool( very deep) now cops see this, they came to me 2blks away to verify that it was my property, say yes and want to file charges( never got 2) 2nd officer pulled up,this was @ 8:30pm they sent my son to get his friend to make statement, just the officers and me there, Then bam ! Told I was underarrest for Violation of Restaining Order, Attempted assult on elderly, Destruction of property with forceable entry ! Cuffs on son see's freaks. Okay one night be bonded, get son go to apt ! Nope, last words from officer, my son, friends mom were he was going to stay the night all approved signed paper for offiver 4 him to stay with them overnight. okay all set, no more worry of son. call son at friends @ 11pm, was told that after i was drove away the officers came back and took son to Social Services. Not 5 min after i left.I arrived @ jail @ 9:45pm he arrived at JAC at 10:08pm. The brother also called a false report to child abuse, saying I was living in our car, no food and selling, making and using crystal meth in front of my son.I get bonded out can not locate my son, locate him, he is in protective custody i am not allowed to see him or talk to him. Go to court on 22nd for custody hearing, reset for 1month later, meanwhile son has no clue what is going on, neither do i, still no contact with son, judge ordered vistitaion 3x a week no supervision and phone access. Nope again, still nothing did find out my some was taken to a shelter in Aurora( Commitis). month later 2nd hearing, same oreders, seen son 1st time after a month 3 days later, at the Social services plaza get told i get 1hr, 1day a week visitation supervised !!!! caseworker over-road the courts orders ??? Charges of the Violation were dropped by the mother and so forth. However, was charged with and found guilty of child abuse and neglect. No investigation was done on me, no contact with any one that testified for me, that the arrest was wrong, the reports are false etc. They called sons father in Florida and my sister haha!! well dont get along with either of them, sons father already tried kidnapping charges on me, so what do you think they said about me??? nothing good.. Now I have to do Drug/AA meetings ( past history of drugs/ dont drink) already gave them 9 clean ua's 3 blood (clean) DV classes, anger mang classes, a job @ the same income i was before ( ya right, lost nursing lisence due to all this) parenting classes, you name it have to take the class !!!Time limit to complete all this by Oct 3rd, 2005. Was arrested again for not paying a ticket i forgot about, now have charges pending of Auto theft(looking at wrong registation altered VIN#s), drug poss (rolled cig on seat,not weed), forgery ( my account could not verifyout of state that night,) impounded my car, said they could not search car, one officer said to the other while i was in car "SHE SAID NO" looked at me and proceded to search. I had a container for needles w/ used in there( I take friends that use needles clean ones and i get rid of old ones to FD, not trash) friend left his laptop and wallet in car, say I stole them and laptop is evidence that i made the checks on that.( he has his own company) Versacheck is not illegal!!! So the situation gets worse, case worker finds out, arrested, lost job contract, rejected for apt, and only supervised 1hr 1day visits with my son. case worker still has not sent okay to the places for classes een out of court for 6 weeks now, just today signed them so she can prosess the paper work. Meanwhile, I am loosing every thing, harder to find work w/ charges pending, car impounded, son in foster home ready to run, never can get ahold of case worker, court is comming up on Oct 3rd. I am at my wits end, the brother that did all this is on probation, no police contact, no drinking, alot of violations. The police did nothing to him for destuction of property, making false reports, he was drunk that day, restaining order violation on him, broke my windshield etc. sure they took pics, not 1 report was done on him, he is in 9 violations of PO. PO knows and nothing, he got a reference and a PO reduction because he became MR. Church boy, still drinks and tweeks, a new jeep given to him, housing help for a apt, and check this out a 40,000.00 yr job. on job training at a place that he robbed !!! I have filed report after report about slander, property destruction, etc. and still nothing, he gets patted on back, i still have son in foster care, me stay were i can with no cash, account froze, no car, and every thing i have left after all that is in my car!! No family out here, 2 girls in Fl, just me & son out here.
I really need advice, were to go for help, my rights, sons rights, can i or how do i get the charges enforced on him, get some one to listen to me and here the truth it was all lies by him and they believe him...I am at the point of desperation, i just want my son and let me us go back to Fl. son and i have fought for 10yrs to be together and in one day all taken away due to a vicious lie, due to jeaulousy of a 45yr old lier, thief, druggy,3x felon, violent manipulator. I do not know what to do any more or where to go for help, cuz i get no answers nothing, dead ends all the time. If anyone out there has anything, please forward to me. this nightmare has to end and do not want it to end in a bad way on son or my part. Thank you so much for what ever anyone sends or says about this. I am sorry it is so long, no other way to really explain w/o confusion (more)There is more to all this on brothers behalf with other matters with me and my son. my son was in coma for 3day at xmas time because of the brother, was arrested on that one also, even though i was doing CPR on son when EMS arrived. longer story..This is enough for now, i think you all will have a general idea about this nightmare. Thank you so much for reading this. sorry for spelling very tired. Ty.... god bless...amy


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First... your post is totally unreadable. I got halfway through it and gave up. You're refering to your both your child as "son", as well as boyfriend's brother as "son"... I think. I don't know, I can't tell who's who in this story.

Paragraphs and simple declarative sentences with articles would help.

Second, why haven't you already hired a lawyer?
If so, what does he say?
If you want ANYONE to read this tale of woe then PLEASE shorten and put it into a few paragraphs.

As the other poster I got about 1/3 of the way through and gave up because I could not keep the people involved straightened out in my mind!

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