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Missouri Motion to Block a move

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This is a very basic situation. Mom should not be able to change the child's school without the agreement of dad. Mom is free to move but she is the one who should have to deal with the hassle of getting the child back and forth to school in the original school district. The one problem is that the child might not be eligible to remain in the original school district if mom no longer lives there.

Dad truly needs a consult with a local attorney.
I completely agree that it should be her responsibility to get the child to the school he was in, however you are right that he will not be in his district (although could apply for out of district acceptance), but the divorce contract specifically says that she can not move his schools without agreement of Dad and it also says that relocation of child must have 60 day notice and so on and so forth and that the other parent can ask the court to block a move for cases like this. He doesn't care where she moves to but he does care about the impact it will have on the child because 40 minutes is a huge time to wake up early for just to be driven to school when it is completely unnessisary.
You should be somewhat careful - you seem to be closely skirting the line of practicing law w/o a license (preparing/filing motions and amendments)...
I am not filling anything. I am finding out how to do it so that I can help my husband do it when/if the time comes down to him needing to do it. I am not practicing law only gathering information, but thank you for the nice remind (unlike some of the other people on here).
YOU cannot do the Motion to Block the move. YOU legally would be breaking the law if you did. STEP WAY BACK.
I'm going to try to say this in the nicest way possible. 1 you need to reread the instructions on how to speak to people on here which would be "Do not put stuff in all caps". 2. I am not doing anything but gathering information and asking for help. Obviously I can not sign any papers. 3. I can however get all the documents needed and help my husband get them to how they need to be, by helping him fix them to whatever he needs them to be at. 4. He is my husband so therefore him asking my advice regardless of legally or anything else isn't breaking the law because more or less it is pillow talk. 5. I never stated that I am doing the Motion to Block only that I am trying to find out how to do it.
OP can certainly read the statute and hire her spouse an attorney - legal stranger or not.
Thank you for that. I can also help him understand what the papers are saying and how to file if he does it without an attorney. And I can certainly find an attorney for him (hopefully a pro-bono one)
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