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Narcotic Perscriptions

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I was wanting to get any insight or opinions concerning my situation. I have always had migraines and from about the age of 16 to 31 my family doctor and specialists would give me demerol if the pain would not subside when taking my migraine meds (Stadol, Imitrex, Zomig, etc.) When I was about 32 I fell and recieved a very serious brain and head injury, which made the pain for migraines untolerable. Both my Neurologist and Family doctor showed me how to give myself shots into my thigh of Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) to cut down the time of having to go into the office. So to be quick here, the dosages were going up, and up, and up and then I was at the point of giving myself injections of 25 vials a day. Every week I would have to go in to see my doctor and he would explain that my body was getting immuned to the dosages and thats why it kept being raised. I came to a point of 3 years had passed and I knew that now I was completley addicted to this narcotic and I tried to just stop but the withdrawls were mind numbing terror. I went to my doctor and told him that I cannot go half a day without taking another injection. He was very cavalier about it all and said he'll just slowly take a vial off for each per each week. My outcome to all of this that I had to put myself into the physc ward for two weeks, then into a treatment center for 60 days and now I am clear of that drug but I am now dealing with extreme an xiety, panic attacks, OCD issues and have huge fears of leaving my home. Before all of this I worked two jobs was a single mom of two girls, was on a softball team and very outgoing, now I am on disibility, can't work, or be around too many people and I tend to isolate myself from everything, and I am only 40 yrs old. Does anyone feel that this is something to pursue for all the pain and loss I have encountered or it is just not enough to have my doctors called out on their negligence concerning my welfare.

Thank you for any insight you can give me.

KymmWhat is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?


I'm convinced that one day common sense will return. I am hopeful that people will start taking responsibility for their actions rather than just wanting to sue everytime something goes wrong. Good luck in your recovery.


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Narcotic perscriptions

I do take blame, guilt and a thousand other reasons for the mess I ended up in, BUT when I have counted on my family doctor (over 15 years) to actually care about my health and welfare you end up trusting them and their knowledge of the meds they perscribe to you. It was I who came to realize I was now addicted to these drugs and it was I not him who found help for myself. I do not think everyone should be suerd for money BUT he is doing this to other patients who may not be able to make it through to the other end. This Doctor should be held responsible for his negligence in not giving a crap about me andx or others. Just to let you know I found out later in treatment that the narcotic I was taking was in comparison to Heroine and while he was having a nice calm comfortable life I had to go through withdrawls that I still today makes me cringe, almost two weeks in a physc ward was beyond hell, and slicing my wrists wide open thinking it would be easier then to go another minute in my private hell. I live every day with guilt of what I put my children through but I am sick and tired of people like you telling me that I am blaming my doctor who the hell does he think he is to be able to walk away and not have to feel the effects of what he started in the first place. Money is not the issue here, this doctor should not ne able to treat patients anymore!.



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Don't be too hard on yourself. I am a registered nurse who was in a similar situation. I was very advanced in my career at a very early age. I was 25 and the nursing supervisor at a very high rated hospital in my area. Shortly after I was involved in a terrible car accident in which I suffered severe injury to my cervical spine. I was put on oxycontin by a doctor I trusted and looked up too...even after I voiced my concerns of being put on it. His response to my concern was that that was all he could do for me and if I didn't want to accept his treatment and advice I was welcomed to find another doc. Where I live there are no other pain management docs for at least 200 miles. Long story short I took it at the prescribed dosage and became physically addicted. What most dont understand is that when you are in that much pain ....all you want is some relief...it's truly debilitating.also, these drugs ARE addicting...regardless of the dose or if the prescribed takes it as ordered or not! I understand completely where you are at but I also know how many restraints are put on physicians when it comes to prescribing this type of medicine and how difficult it can be for people to get the help they need when they need it because of this. Yes, I know you've been hurt and you feel wronged but keep in mind how you felt when you first sought this doctor for help with pain control and be mindful of the 100's of thousands of others out there who are in need of that type of help who may not follow in our paths but have their lives saved as a result. God Bless and I wish you the best


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As to the comment wyett717 gave, I notice your comments to all are very negative, rude and plain mean. So please read my comment on your remarks and find something stupid and insensitive to say because your just ridiculous!!!!!!


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As to the comment wyett717 gave, I notice your comments to all are very negative, rude and plain mean. So please read my comment on your remarks and find something stupid and insensitive to say because your just ridiculous!!!!!!
I agree with Wyett


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with wyatt

I fail to see any negligence on the part of the doctor or violation of a standard of care.

You were treated for pain, severe pain, with opiate drugs. A very strong opiate at that as you injury was severe.

Addiction is a known side effect of opiate medication.
Titrating the dosage to ween of is the only way to kick.
Your withdrawl was severe and required in patient treatment.

These are very common outcomes for severe pain patients.

You should seek psychiatric counseling for you OCD and severe phobias. They are not causally related to you medical pain management care.

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