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Need advice on rearend accident

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What is the name of your state?Texas
A few days ago I was rearended by a van on my way to work. It was early in the morning and traffic was beginning to slow. I always leave a car length between the vehicle in front of me, especially in stop and go traffic. Well traffic began to slow a little more rapidly and I looked in my rearview mirror because I was hoping the person behind me was slowing down as well. I could tell that the van was coming way too fast. I silently prayed that he wouldn't hit me but unfortunately he did. He slammed into me going around 50 to 60 mph, you could smell the burnt rubber on the road. I was taken to the hospital by the officer who responded due to an instant headache, back ache and shoulder pain. Long story short the vehicle that hit me was a commercial vehicle owned by a huge grocery store chain in texas. Since then I've received an enormous amount of phone calls from all kinds of people and I'm quite frankly confused. I guess the name of the grocery store is causing dollar signs to appear by my name. I've contacted a reputable attorney but I'm not sure if I even need one. Help.


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If it is a larger company they will probably try to settle out of court with a handsome settlement but you should always hire a reputable lawyer for advise. Also do not talk to the store about anything!!!!! Have them go to your lawyer because you might say something that could alter the case should it go to court.


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Thanks for your response. Anyone else have any opinions. My phone is ringing off the hook. My husband is military and he's overseas so I'm on my own with my kids and I feel completely overwhelmed. My body is hurting and well I guess I already said I need advice. Thanks. :(


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all kinds of people

I've had 3 lawyers call me (i've since found out that it's illegal), auto body shops, and somebody wanting to talk to me about structured payments from a settlement. THe grocery store also has called me 4 or 5 times.


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RE: Rear-end Accident

Hi, Just wanted to say I was also rear-ended...by an 18-wheeler. I contacted a law firm the next day and hired :) an attorney 2 days later (personal injury). I don't answer calls when I don't recognize the name or number calling. The hospital that treated me filed a lien against a potential settlement and notified me by mail of the lien. I also received a letter or two from other attorneys. My case is complicated because I was on the job when I was injured, so worker's comp is paying the medical bills right now, as well as partial wages. I urge you to obtain legal representation. I'm in the Houston area, not sure where you are.


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I don't trust attorneys now

I was hit from behind also. Because I have some pre-existing injuries, it seems that I am not entitled to damages. You see, I was already damaged. But I was not told that until the doctors ran up about $60,000 in medical expenses. I can't work now, but that does not matter. I was told that no broken bones, no settlement.
The firm I hired has been through 4 attorneys with me. When one quits, another gets the case. The one I saw today told me that he makes over $1000/hr, and he is rich by not taking a case that he can't win 100% of the time.
They are more than happy to sell my case to another attorney.....
Watch out!!!


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Update on accident

I previously posted about my accident on 8/23. It's been 11 days since then and I thought I was getting better. I worked half a day on Friday and I was in agony. I'm supposed to return to work on Tuesday for full days and I honestly don't know how I'm going to make it. All of this legal crap makes me sick. The haggling over money won't restore my body to it's pre-accident condition. I just went grocery shopping for my family cause there's no one else to do it and I practically had to be taken out on a stretcher. I guess this is why people try to rip a new one to the person that caused the accident. My lawyer told me that the grocery store chain that hit me is notorious for prolonging legal stuff, in particular workmen's comp stuff. They were actually surprised that they admitted liability for my accident so quickly. Sorry I'm rambling... venting. :(

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