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What is the name of your state? Minnesota
I am paying child support for my one year old daughter that resides in the same city as me with her mother. We recently met with a friend of hers who works at the child support office, so we could have some help coming to a verbal agreement on what I would pay a month, and visitation rights. They began to threaten me immediatly after keeping me waiting in the lobby for twenty minutes while they talked the situation over in private. The lady in the office based my income on a yearly pay sceduale of ninety dollars a day time fifty two weeks. I am a substitute teacher during the school year and also work a night job. I told her that subbing is pretty hit and miss, and that I didn't think they would base it on that, but on my full time night job. SHe kept threatening me that if I move out of state, to obtain a full time teaching job, they would base my income on 36,000 a year, the national average, even if I only made 26,000. I left shortly after because of the lack of ethics from the child support officer/man hater.
My ex-girlfriend isn't holding up the verbal agreement we came to, and she has the guts to hire a 13 year old babysitter, the daughter of the child support officer, while she bartends and parties all night, instead of letting me have her.



If I were you I would try to talk to someone with more authority, like her boss or supervisor, and let him/her know that you would like someone else for your case, that you believe she is biased because she personally knows one of the parties involved.

Also, verbal agreements are no good, get it in writing and signed by a judge!

Good luck!


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I agree, you might want to call the regional office and report her as well. First of all they can only recommend what child support be set at. The judge makes the final decision, if you go to court to get it court ordered. They ask you to bring in current pay stubs and w-2 forms. Sometimes they make you go way back sometimes not. IMO she is full of S***!

Go to these links and read over the child support guidelines in your state and use the child support calculators and you can see what the state would make you pay and then pay accordingly. That's the best thing. Don't let her bully you and try to pull a fast one on you.

Also, I'm not trying to insinuate or accuse anyone here but if you are planning to let her to take you to court over this to get it court ordered then I would deny paternity so you can get a paternity test done..just to be safe because now a days you just can't be too careful. Unless you are certain this child is yours. It would help avoid alot of heartache and pain later. Not to mention a legal mess. The only thing is you will have to pay for the paternity test if the child is yours but it will be alot cheaper then if you did it without the court.

If I were you I'd also go ahead and file for visitation and custody if you haven't done so.



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*LOL* Grace, yeah, paternity testing PLEASE!!! Oh, you might be sure, but are you really, really 100% sure? Write a certified letter to her supervisor of her actions and ask to be advised as to what disciplinary actions will be taken within 10 days. If you don't hear back, go higher up the ladder. I would not stand for that and you shouldn’t either.

As for C/S/E court, well, it’s up to the judge. As others suggested, look up the guidelines so you aren’t floored. Do a ton of research, ask for the income tax deduction and hope for the best!

You know, it doesn't sound like there is a custody order in place. You are probably better off filing for custody (& child support), settle for joint 50/50 with no support changing hands (you work nights, can you take care of the child during the day while she works? There you go!!!)..... Just a thought. It will certainly piss the ex off, oh well, you have just as might right to the child (if it is yours!) as she does.



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I honestly forget the statistics on that one…it was recent wasn’t it? A huge percentage turn out not be the biological fathers... it shocked me (like really). I know when we read it, DH looked at me funny. *LOL* I’m a blonde, he has brown hair, both straight, our son has red curly hair, go figure. I just tell everyone he’s the UPS mans. One day, I just have to tell you this, off the subject. I was at the mall with my SIL, this lady stopped and said, He has such beautiful hair, where ever did he get it? My SIL says “From my husband”. You should have seen that ladies face get red…hahahahaha

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