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Need advice!!!

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Junior Member
What is the name of your state?Child resides in Iowa. Father in AK.

My best friend got divorce in AK and has 70% Custody. Father has 30%.
She got re-married and now resides in Iowa.
The child’s father has missed half of the month of May child support and so far not paid the month of August.
He has been Absence with out leave from work since May; he is currently in the military.
She has no way of contacting him, no address no phone number. He calls his son maybe twice a month, and when he does, he also decides to harass her. Treating her and calling her names, and telling her that he will show up with out notice to see his son.
She thinks he is not mentally stabled to be alone with there child and is seeking to get 100% custody. He also started drinking over the limit. If he can’t show up to work , nor
Provide for his child and has mental issues she thinks he is not a responsible adult that a 5 year old can be with.
She doesn’t think her son will be safe.
How can she go about this, since the court orders were made in AK and now she resides in Iowa?

IHe also had a court order to re-finance the truck he stayed with under his name and has not done that since now he is almost 3 months late and will be out to be repossessed. And now her credit is ruined. Can she do anything about this?

I have decided to do some research for her since she is pregnant and due middle of October. Even though im not in Iowa i want to help her. She doesnt need the stress now and nor she needs more problems.

Thanks in advance…..


Senior Member
He also had a court order to re-finance the truck he stayed with under his name and has not done that since now he is almost 3 months late and will be out to be repossessed. And now her credit is ruined. Can she do anything about this?

she can file for contempt, if she has the money she can pay for the item to try to minimize the damage to her credit


Senior Member
Did she get permission of the court to move to Iowa?
Has she been transporting her child back to the father for visitation since the move for his summer visitation? Child support payments and visitation are different issues. If she is withholding visitation she may be found in contempt etc..


Junior Member
Dont think so....

I dont think she got permission. She re-married and moved. I dont think she knew she had to have permission. She is not preventing him from seeing him. But really would you send your child to his father if he cant even provide you with an address or a phone number nor has not showed up to work, so now the military stopped paying him. I know the child did go to the Fathers parents house for a month. The father was suppose to go there too, but didnt. He always makes promises to the child and always breaks them. She cant afford to fly down every summer. I think he hould be paying to get him down to AK. My Hubby does. He pays to get his son up here.
Plus he doesnt even make the efford to call on a daily basis or at least every other day. The child even calls his step dad, dad. with out even telling him too. He has not been there as a parent should even if it has to be over the phone. My hubby and i call our son, well his son on a daily basis, ans we either pay to to bring him up here or we pay to fly down to see him.

So she needed to get premission? Is there any way she can prove that he not a a fit father and not responsible and she is scared for the safety of his son.


Senior Member
Your friend has essentially abducted the child no matter her excuses, at this point she is in contempt of court, he can't be forced to pay child support and usually the parent who makes the distance, pays transportation, it doesn't matter what the father has done with work or that the child was with his parents for a month, she can forget child support until she petitions the court for the move, she could even lose custody of her child and end paying child support and transportation for her visitation.

Thanks for filling in the details, your friend needs an attorney in AK asap!


Junior Member

She does have somehting in writting! It was not from the courts, but it was something they both signed saying it was ok for her to leave the state of AK. Since they are not originally from AK. SInce he is in the military, he will be moving all the time. So thats a little different. But now since he has been gone, the federal Goverment is looking for him. Like i said before he has not gone back to work since May. Now this is not going back to the Army Base. So nobody can find him. So she does has primary custody, and he has visitation rights.

So can she just get an Attorney in Iowa?

I mean if she didnt move, when it came time for him to get stationed somewhere else would he have to get permission to move.....
So after he would have been gone she would have been stuck in AK.


Senior Member
AK has jurisdiction, that is why I already said she needs an attorney in AK. The agreement means nothing if it is not filed with the court.

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