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Need some guidance


Junior Member
What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Pa

Ok I have a question for ya. My girlfriend
has a 20 year old daughter who lives in a nursing facility. She has Schizencephaly which is similar to cerebral palsy. We always went out and brought her to the house on Saturday. Two saturdays ago while takin her home. I was carrying her down the stairs and we fell. We checked her out only found a brush burn on her back. We weren't sure about taking her to the hospital because she didn't seem like she had any injuries. We decided to take her back to the facility( ) to ask them fir advice. When we explained what happened and asked if we should take her to hospital they said they were just going to get her to bed with some ibuprofen. Well at 130 that night they decided to send her to children's hospital. Who found a lump on the back of her head under her pony tail. They did a scan found a small brain bleed. Held her for 24 hours then released her. We were told there would be an internal investigation. I guess looking for child abuse. When we went out that next Saturday to take her out. We got her ready , nurses gave her some pain meds. In case she was sore and we left. After leaving we received a call 10 minutes later from My gf mom asking if we took her daughter out. I told her yes we were going to the park. She then informed me the facility was calling the police , we weren't allowed to take her because there was an investigation ( never a mention of the fact that we shouldn't). So we turned around called the police and asked them to meet us at the facility. We returned there and the police showed up. We explained the situation and he told us and the social worker that if there was no Pfa or court ruling that they couldn't stop us. We left her there and left fir the day to cut the tension. My gf talked to the social worker today and she was told. That they want to come inspect my home. I've been told numerous times they don't have the power to enforce that. Do you have any idea where we stand legally on this matter. She has never given up or lost her parental rights.
I was also seen and treated for injuries from the fall