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New BK law problems - resolved ?

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What is the name of your state? TN

Has anyone heard anything about the major differences between the House and Senate being resolved and a possible vote after Labor Day ? A poster in another forum seems to think he heard this in the news.. I can't find any such thing, abiworld.org sure doesn't mention anything !



I did a search on google for new bk laws and it came up with a lot, but just searching through there I found a couple of sites that said the same thing. That they most likely would vote after Sept. 4th because they are really getting pushed to get this approved from the cc industry. One site I read said that MBNA was Bush's largest contributor to his campaign - surprise surprise!!!


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That's no suprise. MBNA has been THE biggest pusher of this bk reform from the start. The irony of it is that MBNA is also one of the BIGGEST 'offenders' in sending out hundreds of thousands of credit card offers to anyone and everyone, whether the people can afford them or not. So, as I said in another forum.. they made their own swamp, I think they should be made to DROWN in it !!

Instead they want to force the people who truly are suffering under the weight of a crappy economy and too much debt to suffer in indentured servitude for 3-5 years with a Chapter 13 or suffer worse by not being allowed to file for BK at all !!! Chapter 13 really is financial slavery as far as I'm concerned. Indentured servitude.. where whatever you earn goes soley to the purpose of buying your freedom.. in this case financial freedom !

I just wish enough people understood what this is going to do to so many people, possibly themselves at some point. I wish they understood enough to flood their Senators and Congressmen with objection letters.. should have been getting done all along, but most people just don't understand the implications and consequences if this reform passes. I, for one, will NOT vote for ANY legislature member that votes for this reform ! After all what do those fat, very-well-paid politicians know of the REAL people who will be affected by this ??? NOTHING. I'd bet not a single one of them has talked with any of the people who filed the 1.5 million personal bankruptcy cases !

This BS propaganda that this reform 'won't change anything, won't harm anyone' is a crock of sh*t, and it stinks to high heaven !!!

{end of rant}


Continuation of rant

Delaware here -- credit card headquarters capital of probably the known Universe!

Even though "my" MBNA account has been turned over to a CA, I got an offer from them just last week. No, I don't mean another settlement offer - have plenty of those, but one of their "dream loans" for $25000 from a totally separate "branch" of MBNA. That makes at least six of these same offers over the last year and a half! (They are unsecured "loans") What are they thinking!!! I reviewed all the bills I had found from MBNA going back to July 97 when "I" opened" the acct (BS) and I found that the original credit limit was $16500 (it was a Platinum acct). Even though my XH rarely paid over the minimum payments, MBNA allowed the credit limit to "grow" to $46500 because my xh kept spending. I have no sympathy for them at all. :p


tennessee///// how long after they pass the new law will it go into effect? kitty

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