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New Debt During Chapter 13 Contract for Deed

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The "property" that I was referring to and that which could result in your being convicted of bankruptcy fraud should you continue with your intentions to deliberately conceal it from the United States Trustee HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH AN EXECUTORY CONTRACT FOR DEED! Understand?

The subject matter of my precautionary post has to do with the increase of personal income which you claim to have received post-petition and which in your marked degree of ignorant arrogance ("screw your creditors and preserve your assets") falsely believe that it is yours to play with.

Personally I think the so-called added $11K income is as illusionary as the hoards of nimrods queuing at your front door seeking hunting rights who strangely don't have the sense to entreat the deeded owner.


A lot of hunters are nimrods. They see the little flags on the ground from the survey and ask who is belongs to...small town....since I'm buying it people say me. Word travels fast and they know it was a huge estate and "someone" didn't survey off the best hunting piece for nothing.

I've had four call me, many more call the owner. It's next to a nature preserve and they can kill deer as they cross the property line. It's legal to do that, btw. They just lure them with corn. Not my cup of tea. But I'm sure, if I wanted, the owner would spilt proceeds from a hunting lease with me but there are already family hunting so, no leases.

The raise hasn't even happened...yet, it will. But I DID talk to my lawyer who said my raise won't affect anything. He said he would report it WHEN I get it, but because of my case, it would only be amended if I made far more than a measly extra 11 grand. Since my medical expenses have gone up and my medicine is no longer covered by my insurance and I have a documented medical disorder that without meds would render me disabled. I know, I tried but backed out. I wanted to be able to work and make more than a person on disability but I was easily going yo get it.

He also said I can pay for land outside the plan without permission as long as my BK payments are being met. Since it's not a bank loan and it's just a personal agreement and if I default I can either force a sale or just walk away (I would let them keep my money they are not strangers) then there is nothing in my BK estate they can touch.

In essence...they can't hurt my creditors. Their words were; "The trustee isn't going to give a crap about any of this.". So, that's that. He did tell me not to get any credit cards or bank loans, though. I was thinking of a secured card to rebuild credit. He said maybe...in a year or so we can ask. Since I've paid all my bills on time and have extra income, they will likely OK a secured card.
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I don't mind honestly if they take more for my raise.

I didn't want my land to be an issue. Screw my raise. If I need help I have family. I want my land. If I am ever homeless I can at least pitch a tent! Land is more important than a lot of money. As long as you can pay the taxes.

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