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noise harassment

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What is the name of your state? Nevada

I'm a 52 yr. old female living alone and
being harrassed with noise by a man and his girl friend living in the apartment above me. I have made complaints to management and they told me they would
talk to the tenant. I have also called the complex security at night to file complaints they said they would "go knock on the tenants' door and tell them to behave".
I was also approached by the male tenant one evening in the parking lot because I had complained.
I'm currently on disability recovering from illness but trying to return to work
so I am home all day. I am unable to move
at this time.
I can't verify the complaints because I'm alone and because the noises really only affect me because I'm below their apartment.
The tenant denies that he and his girlfriend are making any noise and I don't know what to do?
Either management doesn't care or they don't believe me.
I have been living in my apartment for 7
years come this January and am literally being harrassed out of my place of living.
I have been very careful not to react to their noise harrassment by returning noise
to them. Is there any legal action that I can take against the harrassing tenants
since management doesn't seem to be able to make them stop?


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Your first step is to learn what your citys ordinances are for noise that is considered disturbing the peace and start calling the police if disturbing noises occur during the time of the day the ordinance covers and start keeping a record of date and time you call police NOT the LLs security guard but your local police .



Thank you for responding.

I will lookup the city of las vegas' noise ordinances since that's where I live.

But I re-read my lease and it clearly states that tenants are not allowed to make noise disturbing other tenants.
(only in a perfect world! :rolleyes: Guess, I don't live in one.)

so what you're saying is that I need to find out what hours
are considered disturbing the (peace?) to the police.

and what kind of noises are considered disturbing the peace.

Then what happens if I call the police to complain and by the time they arrived the noise has discontinued? Which is often my problem with calling management or security.

I'm not talking about loud blaring stereo noise. That can be heard on approach to the apartment.

I'm talking about random outburst of cabinet slamming, stomping across the floors, knocking heavy objects to the floors and
against the walls. Duration in time length varies. Then sudden quietness for periods and then randomly again.

So if I call the police, and the noise has ended, will I then be penalized for calling them out?

God! I think I know where this is going...............
but after establishing 7 yrs. of residency..
I hate what the obvious conclusion will bring.

Looks like I'll have to wear some kind earplugs at home and pray he gives me the strength and ability and means to move on
before my health deteriorates further.

Anyway! Thanks for the advice.


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Read your lease and the L/t law. Then send the management company a certified rrr letter with respect to your right of quiet enjoyment.


Invest in a white noise machine. They are cheap and work wonders.

Frankly, people are permitted to move about their apartments and go about their daily lives. That includes walking and dropping things. Could be that your disability and recovery are making you overly sensitive. Very few landlords can or will take action based on the complaints you are making.

Quiet enjoyment does not mean that you won't hear your neighbors, but it does mean that they can't deliberately antagonize you. It doesn't appear that they are doing anything other than living their lives and that is something that all apartment dwellers must accept. I am one, and I hear every step my upstairs neighbors take. If I don't want to hear them, I need to move...it's my problem, not theirs.


Hi All

And thanks for your replies.

Again I'm not talking about normal moving about upstairs.
Loud deliberate noise to harrass someone is not the same by any

First of all...this guy has lived over my head for two years
and there has been a peaceful coexistence.
Only once when he moved in 2 yrs. ago did he blast his stereo
one night and I asked him to turn it down. After that there was no problems.

It all started when the girlfriend moved in and he told her she couldn't play the stereo loud.

It was after that all the barrage of deliberate harrassment started.

By the way, my recovering from disability has not made me more
sensitive to noise...but it has made me more sensitive to stress and this is definitely stressful.

(you know that comment sounds like something human resources
will tell an employee who tells them that their supervisor is harrassing them. It's always that the employee is too sensitive.)


What is a white noise machine?
Where can I buy one and what does it do?

Thanks again for all the advice.

[ I researched the white noise machine on the internet...
and if it really works.....
well...I'll love you forever for telling me about it...:)
anyway I'm going to purchase a good one.
Again thank you all
for listening to me and for your wonderful assistance.]:)
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Just a bit of experiance which I had. I recently had a next door neighbor who persisted in playing music on the radio of his 4 wheel chevy boom box at all times of the day. Everytime I complained to the owner of the property they would respond but take an hour or two to do so and there was no noise. The last time I called him I held the phone next to the window and talked to him, He asked me to turn down my stereo so he could hear me, my reply was this is comming from your tenants, and I am in my home. It was enough, he promptly arrived at his property and caught them. He has now informed these people they must vacate. Just something that worked for me, not saying it will work in this case but may be worth trying.
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