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oh please help us

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What is the name of your state? Indiana
this is something that has been going on for about a year and a half now.
We are good parents, we have 6 kids and love all of them very much, my hubby has a cousin that his wife, I called one day just to meet her for lunch and then we started a freindship out of that. well she only has 2 boys and No girls, she and I would go out for lunch and go and do shopping together, go scrapbooking,
and I thought we really enjoyed doing stuff together, for about a year, she was even with me at the birth of our last baby in may of 2002.
she wanted 1 of our daughters(at the time our daughter was only 14 and then just year she turned 16) to come and babysit for her one night and we let her go and do so, it started of with that and then her going over for the night, or to go run errands or run to the grocery store.
in this time the lady had went and got her hair cut(going from half way down her back to the hally berry look without her husband knowing before hand) and happened to ask me what i thought of her hair and i was nice i told her that with me being a christian i thought with her knowing her husband liked long hair that i felt like it was wrong that she got her hair so short and that i felt like a woman even if she isn't a christian that a wife should do things that her husband likes to please him and that that is just part of keeping a marriage together is thinking of the other person and their likes and dislikes, she didn't act mad at me when i told her but it turned out to be a big mistake.
she was mad and then turned on me by befriending our daughter and telling her a bunch of lies, convinced her that we were bad parents and that we were not buying her what she needed, and has our daughter convinced that she could trust no one but her and has our daughter calling her mom.
our daughter got to where she was telling us what she was doing (like), I'm going with ? and you aren't telling me no and telling us when she would be back or even when she would be back most of the time saying things like, i might be back tomorrow i don't know.
we tried grounding her, we tried telling her she couldn't see her anymore, and that just seemed to make things get worse,
she then took off and ran away of course to her house, she would come pick up our daughter anytime our daughter would call and then they both would tell us that there was nothing we could do, they would sneak to see each other, send each other emails in secret, they would talk to each other and tel each other how much they loved each other,
it got to the point to where we bought a device that we could tape conversations and then one day our daughter found that by searching our room, our daughter told her and she wound up saying to our daughter on tape that she didn't care if we heard what they were saying,
we got a hold of some emails that they had sent to each other,
she picked up our daughter without our permission several times,
the school helped us keep tabs on our daughter the best way they could.
one day we got a call from a detective saying that they were investigating the lady for posibly molesting our daughter, because of a secret meeting that someone else saw and had saw them kissing and that the lady had been touching and fondleing our daughter, we tried to find out from our daughter what happened and she of course told us that nothing happened.
there wasn't much that could be done with that, and it was dropped, we even told the detective to let her know that we have her arrested if she ever picks her up anymore or if she is found at her house anymore, and that hasn't seemed to work.
they would still secretly see each other and send each other emails and instant message each other, it didn't seem to matter how or what we did or even what we took away, our daughter talks to us so bad and calls us such bad things, this has been going on for over a year now and nothing seems to change,
we found out then that she had started hanging out with one of our daughters friends so that she would have a babysitter and still be able to sneak and see our daughter when she would be with her friend, i went to the friends mother because i was concerned that she would molest their daughter and i didn't want that to happen, that mom was glad to find out the news about the investigation and put a stop to their daughter seeing her, and then my hubby's cousin called and said they were going to sue us for tainting her name and reputation, that hasn't happened yet but with everything we have from counselors and the police about the runaway records.
we need to know what more we can do, or if there is a way we can sue her for everything she and her husband have put us and the rest of the family through. my husbands parents have been a great support for us in all the help they have been with our daughter, and the breaks that we have needed away from our daughter sometimes, but we really do need to know more of what might could be done, please help, :confused:
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Did you report this to the child abuse hotline for your state and what happened with the charges that were filed against her for molestation?

Your post was very long and I only have a 21" monitor...So I think I may have missed some points.


Where's the "OTHER 5?"

Your other 5 children are in desperate need of help... after reading your bull on this situation, I personally don't believe that any child should be in your custody... I read your post 3 times just to make sure that what I read was correct before I made a comment..... I don't give a damn what your religion or backgroud is (haircut or not). We were NOT put on this world to obey our spouses orders and all be damned if I would use it for an excuse for someone getting mad and taking control over my daughter.... You have problems lady!!! That is your child that you have no control over for your own BELIEFS....... STOP trying to blaim everyone else and look where the finger is really pointing !!! You should be turned into CPS and have your other 5 children in better hands before it's too late.:mad:

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