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overcharged by aol

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What is the name of your state? California. aol debited my credit card over $2000 for 4 months of service. i was suppose to be on a plan of $25 per month unlimited usage. they changed my plan without authorization and automatically debited my credit card account. please help.


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Youch !!!! What on earth kind of plan costs $2000 for 4 months of service ?? How does AOL defend this switch ? AOL is VERY sneaky with this sort of thing, they leave all kinds of little gotcha's in their agreements that will leave the door open for them to do as they please.

Have you tried calling your bank and disputing the charge as unauthorized ?? That would be one way to get started. Next I'd get as much information out of AOL as you can on how they changed the plan and why, and get it in writing. Then you might consider a formal complaint with the state attorney general's office for bad practices.


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Have you gone to aols keyword billing and looked at all names to see if there were times of day log ons happend that you were not logged on ? If you have been the victim of password theft and some one used one of your accts with dialing in on the 800 716 number that time was billable at 10 cents a min last there are many many browser based ISP that you can change to If you must do a charge back and close aol those ISPs that are browser based are alot harder for anyone to steal a passw and connect from somewhere else . and many of them are certainly cheaper than aol BUT if you must keep using aol I suggest you never use a master acct to do much of any thing with and to allways enter aol from your own access . ( I still lightly use aol but not for a connection to the net itself )


Check Billing

Definately check your billing account.

There were several emails going around AOL that said "you have been kissed" or received an "insta-card greeting". When you click on their links, the site tells you that you need to enter your password to retrieve your card. This is how they steal your password and log onto your account, or charge items to it.

Currently there is an email going around which completely mimics Paypal and Ebay. They come from [email protected] and [email protected]. The look legitimate because they show the @paypal.com and @ebay.com email addresses, but if you look at the footers (garble at the bottom of the email), it will show you where they really came from.

The Paypal one was coming from one of those phantom accounts (angelfire.com). They both contained files, that if you were naive enough to download, they had access to your Ebay accounts and your Paypal accounts. Angelfire deleted the account that was sending them, but with those phantom (free) accounts, they will just sign on with more ficticous information.

Be very careful, never enter your password on sites you don't fully recognize. At least once a week, check your AOL online billing statement to make sure you are only being charged what you are suppose to and that no one is logging on without your knowledge. These will appear as "Communication Surcharges".

AOL will be no help to you, you will have to go through your credit card company if it turns out to be fraudulant charges. But do it ASAP, like yesterday, otherwise you might risk having to pay the whole thing.

Also, change all your AOL passwords if you stay on AOL. You should always use letters and numbers in any given order.

Hope it helps!


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Personally, I do not recommend AOL to anyone who asks about internet access. People simply do NOT realize that when they enter AOL they are NOT on the internet, they are within an AOL service SHELL. Why else would you need a button specifically labeled as 'go to the internet' ?????? AOHell is a horrible service for those who wish to REALLY use the web. There is absolutely NOTHING on AOL that cannot be found on the web ! AOL spams its users, is lax about security (for the most part) and is SO easy to hack into that its pathetic. They use underhanded methods to bill people beyond cancellation notices and they charge MORE than most other ISP's out there for the 'privilege' of using their service.

Get yourself a REAL ISP, and save yourself the trouble. The ONLY reason AOL has the biggest member base is because they spam the public with their CD's in practically EVERYTHING.. even my groceries !! They make very good coasters and targets for my fiance's shooting practice !!!

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