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Parking lot hit and run

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I live in Tulsa, OK...

I parked next to this huge crappy suburban which had taken my usual EXTRA WIDE parking spot at my apartments Friday night, girlfriend as witness. The next day I came out to my car to find that the suburban was gone and had left me this!


I got pictures and measurements of the suburban when it returned later that day, the rest are at http://media.zenblue.net/m3/a s s h o l e Please remove the spaces from the link. I apologize if this offends anyone, but I can't rename this at the moment.

I duct taped a note to the suburban's window on Saturday night and he called me Sunday night. I had already reported a hit and run by then and used the tag # from the pictures, as this was the exact same suburban I parked next to the night before.

He called me and acted dumb, I told him the situation and he said he would have to talk to his daddy. 10 minutes later he calls back saying he couldn't possibly have hit my car and that he has no idea how that happened. He sounded like a scared little 17 year old who daddy gave his old dented Suburban to who is now in deep crap. He said that they would take it to court if they had to, but they know nothing of any of my pictures.

So far I have taken the car to one paintless dent repair guy who refused to repair it saying the paint would crack all over the place due to the stress on the metal in the area, and that it may never come out fully anyway. He suggested a body shop. I am going to get quotes from 1 or 2 body shops and try one more PDR place.

Take a look at the pictures, and you can see the Suburban CLEARLY left a fingerprint of itself on my cover: 2 dark and 2 faint black lines from its bumper, which match up perfectly in height with my measurements (the measurements in the picture were taken with both cars in a normal parking position, so are off by a very small amount.)

Do I have enough evidence for a strong small claims court case?
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I would show the evidence to the Suburban's owner first, and give him the chance to either pay for the repair or let you make a claim against the insurance.

If that fails, file in small claims.


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Parking Lot Hit and Run, witnessed by attendant

I was parked at an offsite airport parking lot in California, and when I returned, I found that my car had suffered "hit and run" damage totalling $1300. When I pressed the button to disable my car alarm, the alarm "chirped" three times, indicating that it had gone off since I had last enabled it. My car was parked about 30 feet from the gate kiosk, which is manned 24x7 by an attendant. Therefore, it would have been impossible for an attendant not to have witnessed the hit and run.

Is the parking facility liable for the damage, given that they were negligent in reporting the accident? I did file a report with the parking company itself, only to receive their reply that they are not liable because they have a disclaimer on their parking tickets (which is in very small font) and on a sign at the gate (which again is relatively small)

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