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Parking Violation to PERJURY???

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I work for a federal institution in KY. Parking is abysmal or non-existent because we are located right in the middle of a university campus. To make a long story short, I was issued a citation for parking in a reserved space(Federal). These spaces are reserved for oversize vehicles or contractors during normal business hours(8a-5p). I do not work normal business hours (4a-8a)and was given verbal permission from the chief of security to park there as long as I moved the vehicle before commencement of normal business hours. One of the officers gave me a permit to park there for the duration of my contract. I park there daily and the area is regularly patrolled, yet I have only received 2 citations to date. We went to trial and the judge issued a continuance and requested that the attorney contact the former chief, who has been retired almost 2 years. What if he can't remember or says no? The judge said something about PERJURY?? Isn't that just my word against his? Will I go to jail if that's the ruling? Can I change my plea to "guilty w/an explanation"? They do not keep copies of these permits and I don't know the officer who gave it to me. I know that there have been several personnel changes;is that a factor?? Help! It's just a $25 ticket, but I can't afford even that, since I've gone to part-time.


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May I also add that this area is regularly patrolled(daily) and I have been parking there for over a year and only received 2 citations? What's up with that?


In My Opinion

Hello MonieLove

I have read your posting several times. I thought I had missed important details on each review. I did. Several to be exact...:(

You mean this issue has made it to court? Amazing!
Also PERJURY???!!!...Now that's a clear message!

What I gather here, based upon the information posted, is you not only allowed this parking ticket issue to proceed this far, you continued to park there after the first ticket.

Clearly, you did not clear up the issue the first time. 2 tickets, issued for the same offence over an unstated period of time between the two tickets, means you should have and could have avoided the second ticket.

In hind sight, it would have been best to stop parking in that spot or area, cleared up the matter regarding the first ticket and gotten written permission from the current parking inforcement officer prior to resuming parking there.

Such is not the case currently. You may now have to seek legal counsel and pay that fee plus the tickets, etc. Not a pleasant situation you have gotten yourself into but it does apear to be based soley on your own actions or lack there of.



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to clear up some points:

1) I received verbal permission from the chief officer in November 1999 to park in the area, as long as I moved the vehicle before start of the regular business day(800a) I work from 4a - 8a under contract for specified amount of time. This is considered an "off tour of duty"--not beholden to the restrictions of a regular(800a - 500p)tour of duty. The spaces are reserved for contract persons and oversized vehicles that cannot fit in the garage.

2)When I returned from sick leave in June 2000, the chief had retired. I continued to park there with no reprimand.
this area is REGULARLY patrolled. I have even stopped and spoken with a couple of officers while they are patrolling the area and ok'd the situation with them. they all concur that it was ok as long as I moved before 800. I even got a temp permit to do so.

3)In November 2000, a rookie officer wrote me a citation. I went to court and the ticket was dismissed. I continued to park there as prescribed/allowed.

4) I received a 2nd citation in March 2001, almost 5 months later. Now they are saying that I shouldn't have been parking there anyway, I should have parked in the patient garage. However, they seemed to have forgotten that security posted an e-mail to employees that we could not park in the garage, or we would be towed.

Is this clearer???

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