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paycheck problem!

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What is the name of your state? wyo
my wife worked at a bank up untill july 17th, The till she was working at came up 300 short. This is the first time she has been short in the 18 months she has worked there. well lets go back....she balanced the till on tuesday the 16th and it balanced correctly when she showed up for work on the 17th she was told that the paper work came up 300 short, not the banks safe so the money was correct, but the banks machine and here machine said two different things. So my wife looked all day for a transaction slip , she could not find it! so her boss told her she had to pay the bank 300 dollars or she would lose her job...my wife said she could not afford the three hundred dollars, they terminated her!!! Today in the mail shows up a 6.61$ payroll check! she was always payed on the 15th and the last day of the month , when she started they withheld 1 week to get everything on the roll ,so when she was to leave or quit,fired or whatever she would also recieve the previous weeks paycheck well you know what i mean! in reality her paycheck on the 15th was for work done from th 15 till the 31 of last month. also she had vacation saved up! so if they did take out the threehundred anyway she would have still made more than 6.61$ she was paid 8.75 an hour! my problem with this is if you are asked to pay three hundred dollars or lose your job ....you still lose it anyways after you say you cant afford to pay it back? if you were told you lose either way why would you let yourself get fired ...see what im saying this does not seem right?!?! Any thoughts on this? She was a full time employee ..40 hours a week!
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Although the state of Wyoming does permit deductions for bad checks, that's not what happened here. Your wife was entitled to her full pay for all the time she actually worked. What's more, Wyoming is one of the states that requires the payout of vacation time at termination.

Your wife needs to immediately file a complaint with the state Department of Labor.


when my wife started this job she had to sign a paper that said if money was short they will have to pay the bank the money...or they will be terminated ...thats why i think if your terminated you are not paying the money! i looked up the labor law and the law said if the agreement was to have to pay the money back they were aloud to withhold. it also said that if the money was singned out as good after business that day you are not responsible for the money! what they did was come back and say that it did not balance with other slip provided from other source??/ hmmm my wife said that her paper from her till and the money from the drawer matched... this seams to be a trick ...my wife was never shown the other paper nor did she think to ask that day ....her boss has had it out for my wife becuase she wont kiss her you know what! people that started work after my wife with no banking experiance have moved up in the company , those jobs were never offered to her. some of the people that moved up were always short on till and constantly late , but one thing they had going is kissin but....another thing that bothers me is there pay periods and paychecks...she was hired at a salary position. if you dont get 40 hours you are deducted an hourly rate if over ...the same! paychecks are givin the 15th and the end of the month...not really the last check showed that the pay period was from the 1st to the 15th , but my wife was givin her check on the 12th showing full 40 hours when infact she was sick in between those dates . So last night we went through the checks and nothing seams to work out! the time cards are another thing ...why time cards and be called salary? ohh they turn in the time cards 1 week before they are paid but the paycheck dates dont show that so she is worried that they will only give her the three days from the 15th to the 17th..im lost hope you all see that this is crazy ...well to me. sorry so long!


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A non-exempt employee can be paid on a salaried basis, as long as the person is also paid overtime for all hours actually worked over 40 in every 7-day pay period.

Listen - call your State DOL as cbg suggests. There appear to be several issues here including the $300 withheld from her last check. Even if she signed a statement when she started, that still may not be legal, depending upon your State's laws.

Since she's been fired, your wife certainly has nothing to lose by filing a complaint if she has valid reason to do so.


thank you both on the advice! what they did was not the way to handle it. there are specific laws to follow before you can withhold any money in the state of wyoming from an employee! not just having an employee sign a paper that says they are liable for money lost from a till drawer! employers have to sign your drawer in and out ....at your station! begining and ending each day. now more employies are thinking about filing for lost wages also. not a good business practice! now they are looking at all kinds of legal action stemming not only from wages withdrawn from there checks but other issues explaned previosly! THANK YOU again becuase without my wife reading your responces she would have let it go thinking there was no action she could take and this would continue onto other misguided employees at that establishment!

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