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Personal Injury Settlement, Finally/Hit with large table in head

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State Ohio

Well all,

Thank you for all the help and info for the past six months. My case is now ready to be sent for a demand to Dave and Busters where I was injured.

It is going to be settled out of court, for Dave and Busters have admitted total guilt.

I will not be able ot speak with my attorney for over a week and the finalization of it has me anxious.

My total house and personal bills add up to about $92,000 dollars. With the info I will place here, can someone tell me if the amount of money I receive might pass this number above? $92,000dollars.

I have been out of work for six months, was making $22,000 year. Will not be able to return to my job for another six months.

My perscription bills add to $800 dollars, out of pocket. Not including paid perscriptions paid by my husbands insurance.

Physical theropy bills add to $12,000 dollars. With possibly a four month extension for more theropy.

Doctor and Hospital bills add to $15,000 dollars, MRI, Xrays, Katscans, etc...

All this and some more is the final totals from the damages from the accident. I had a severe concuscion, three torn muscles in my neck and back. Post concuscion syndrome, memory loss, anxiety attacks, severe stress (needed nerve pills from doctor) Just now being able to drive for the first time in six months. (Light, very light driving) I have 6 trigger points in my neck and back as well, balled up muscles that have to be dug out for they will move towards each other and form a large balled muscle mass.

I have been on Vicodin Extra Strength, Skelaxin (Muscle Relaxers) Flexorals (Muscle Relaxers) 800 MG Ibuprofen, Steroids, Nerve Pills, Anti Depressants.

Another main injury is that I am right handed and a strength test showed my left arm being at a strength rating of 62 and my right arm the number was only 23. It has peaked at 31 now, with very little or no improvement. I am right handed.

I am just antsy as to wether or not I might be able to pay off my bills or not. My husband has lost work due to this and we have had problems with our marrige due to my severe mood swings. Although he has been wonderful to me through it all.

A quick reminder, I was at Dave and Busters when a large fiberglass cafateria table weighing 110 lbs, fell from its holding place flat against the wall behind a curtain. It was placed there by Dave and Busters employees and it fell forward and knocked me unconscious. I was taken to the emergency room shortly after we filed an accident report. There were over twenty witnesses to the accient and they all saw the employees place the table behind the curtain. Severe concuscion, neck, arm, back, and shoulder damage was done.

Any thoughts as to my thoughts?

I would be happy if I received $100,000, Is that too much? Am I being greedy? My Attorney will let me know about 13 days from now but I would like to know little now if that would be possible. I

I am not looking for a set amount from anyone, just if I have a shot at being bill free.

May God bless you and your family.



Senior Member
As I am not an Ohio lawyer let me share something with you.

There was an old rule of thumb that a normal decent recovery is about 3 times special damages, which in your case total the $22k in total wages, plus the full hospital and medical and drug bills (NOT THE AMOUNT YOU PAID -- and by the way the health insurance company MAY have a right to claim whatever you recover for the mediacal bills and hospital and drug and therapy bills they paid). But that assumes there will not be an serious residual injury that prohibits you from working or caiuses ongoing pain or has left a serious scar, deformity, loss of function, etc.

And of course, you lawyer's fees come out of whatever you settle for.

But the rule of thumb was a general thing, and each state and area is unique. In some counties within the same state the juries tend to be generous and in others they are not as generous. Also, some injured persons would be regarded as nice and sympatheic by a jury while others would not. (Suppose that before he killed 150 people, Timothy McVeigh had been injured and was awaiting trial on a similar case to yours....)

Of course what the insurance company will settle for depends on what it fears it will likely lose if the case goes to trial, and it knows that it also has to pay its lawyers and experts, etc. if it goes to trial. It also knows that if the trial calendar is jammed up so that it will take you 4 years to get to trial (as it is in some locales) it will be earning interest on the money it would have paid you in the meantime and that if you want something now, you'll have to take a lot less.

My answer is that only a really good local lawyer can assess the case, and even there to the entent that the future prognosis is unclear it is somewhat of a crap shoot. So don't have a target in mind based on irrelevant things like your mortgage, and even if you do, keep it to yourself. Your target may be far too high, or far too low.


Senior Member
Let's see..$22k divided by 2 = times 2 for another 6 months being out of work, add $800 for meds, $12K for PT + $8k for another 4 months, add $15K for medical costs less what your insurance paid out, then add pain and suffering and for future aggravation, carry the one and round off...the total they will offer you on a counter will be around $25K.

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