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Pleading Guilty - ramifications?

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What is the name of your state? Illinois

I moved to Illinois a little over a year ago and got my first speeding ticket in January in Will County. My license was taken and the officer advised me to go to court as I'd likely get supervision due to my clean record. He told me only if you get excessive speeding tickets do they throw the book at you and make you go to traffic school, etc. So I went a month without my license (which was kind of a pain) and went to court and was given 90day supervision.

I got another ticket tonight in DuPage County. This time I was told that I didn't have to appear in court; just send a check and be done with it. So, looking over the instructions I see that in order to qualify for pleading guilty and applying for an affidavit for supervision I can't have had supervision in the past 12 months. So my other option is to plead guilty or go to court.

I know:
- that a law was passed last year limiting the number of times you can be put on Supervision within a year to two times (before there was no limit), so I'm elligible for supervision
- that a neighbor was busted at the same place I was the first time (speed trap) and she just paid and never heard anything but it was reported to her insurance company (mine wasnt)
- when I was given the ticket tonight the cop made no indication that he knew I had a ticket seven months ago.

So, my questions are: If I just take the Plea of Guilty and pay what happens? Same as my neighbor and it gets reported? Do they look at my somewhat clean record and issue a notice of supervision? Or will I have to go to traffic school? Can I only get Supervision if I go to court? Or should I go to court, be without my license for six weeks, and probably get supervision there?

I'm guessing the best option is to go to court, but I'd rather not have to go without my license for six weeks. I'd like to get this over with the quickest way possible and in my best interests. I had a few traffic tickets many years ago and it was in a state where you knew exactly what would happen if you sent in payment or went to court. Here in Illinois it's all kinda vague.

Thanks in advance.


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Are you under 21? If you are, you are are only allowed 2 violations in 24 months and one court supervision. But I do not know if that means 2 or 3 total violations total before at least a 1 month suspension.

But you talk about tickets many years ago. 21 or older are allowed 3 violations in 12 months (unless serious, like 30 mph over the limit).

I hadn't even looked at court supervision before because I thought it cost extra, but DuPage County makes it easy http://www.dupageco.org/courtclerk/generic.cfm?doc_id=401

If you are over 21, not required to appear in court, and your last speeding ticket was January 2005, you shouldn't have to worry about a suspension. And I guess if you keep your nose clean for 90 days, it will stay off your record.

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