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Please enlighten me

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last night i was charged with florida state statute 893.13(6)(b) (possesion under 20 grams). i was with my good friend and his younger brother. they had both been drinking and didn't want to drive and asked me to since i had not been drinking. as we approached the truck (owned by my good friend's little brother who is 17) i unlocked the door and sat down in the drivers seat. as i did this two officers approached us. my friend threw his sack of marijuana down in the grass as they approached and they saw him do this. they charged my friend with possesion under 20 grams. the searched me and his little brothers bodies and found nothing. when they searced the car the found a small box of marijuana that belonged to my friends brother. he didn't admit to owning it so they charged me with possesion under 20 grams since i was the only one in the car at the time. i am 99% positive that all the marijuana they confinscated (the baggie and the box) was no more than 20grams all together.

I was wondering which course i should take. i am very broke and can afford no type of professional defense.

These are the possible courses i see availible to take

1: plead guilty to the possesion under 20 grams. hope to get let off easy seeing as how this is my first offense and i have never had any problems with the law before. i know that my friends little brother probably won't admit cause he has a record. i saw someone say on a web-site that if i plead guilty up front i will probably get a fine(i'll get his little brother pay me for what ever i am fined), community service, and the possibility that if i stay out of trouble for about 6 months there will be no criminal record. does this sound accurate?

2: let my friend say that it all belonged to him seeing as how it is all less than 20 grams. he was afraid of this at first because he wasn't sure exactly how much they had altogether and didn't want to get stuck with a felony. this is also his first offense. the only possible problem with this is that when we were being question be the officers he said the box was his but he didn't know what was in it ( i told them that the box was not mine and i was just being the designated driver). would there be any additional consequences to him saying that he just couldn't remember that he had marijuana in the box at the time and that it was all his? he is my best friend and i would rather take a short term mark on my record than see him get a felony and the possibility of jail time. the one thing is that they didn't tell us how much we had altogether. my friends little brother told us it can be no more than 1/2 ounce (14 grams) because he had purchased 1/2 that morning, gave 1/4 to his older brother and kept 1/4 for himself. i'm just not sure if the cops wrote down that we had more than we did because they were being real pricks about it. Is there some sort of way i can find out exactly how much was confinscated before our court date?

What do think is the better course? or can you recomend something better. We will have to be on our own in court though cause we can't afford an attorney or lawyer so please keep that in mind when deciding our best course of action.

Our court date in july 11 2001. if you could repsond to the post as soon as possible i would greatly appreaciate it. Thank you for your time.


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Some states have drug diversion programs by which charges are dismissed if you successfully complete a probationary period. You have to qualify for it and ask for it; it does not happen automatically upon a guilty plea. No matter what your friend says at this point, your charges are not going to be dropped. Any drug charge should be taken very seriously. A drug conviction can have serious repercussions later in life. It would be foolish to handle this without a lawyer. If you have a job, you can afford an attorney. If you don't, you may qualify for a public defender.

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