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pre sentencing investigations?

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What is the name of your state? michigan
my son was in a ouil causing death accident and plead quilty to the charges.
the judge ordered a pre sentencing investigation and i'm wondering what that proceedure is? also is it a good idea for my as his mother to get letters on my son's behave of employers, other probation officers he's had etc? can you give me an outline on what is all involved in this proceedure.
thank you


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Other probation officers he's had?????????

Your son is a real winner and now he killed someone. Why, why, why do want him not to be in jail for a long long time?


to you stephenk

People like you amaze me! What a cruel thing for you to say to a mother that not only has to deal with the fact that her son has killed someone but that now has to deal with not having her son for possible a long time to come because of tubbing on a river with a group of friends that were all drinking and then choose to drive. Like I would choose that for my son or any other person's child or loved one.

And for your information, When my son was 18 he had an underaged drinking charge and was placed on probation he moved so therefore had two different probation officers. He is now 23 and had not had any more trouble until this day.

People like you are always passing judgement and never ask the rest of the story. That is why My 19 yr old daughter and I have been treated like dirt as if we were in the drivers seat and I don't even drink and haven't for many years.

So tell me what is the justice in that? People like you never made a mistake in your life or are you just holyier than thou????? What a cruel rude reponse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I just read your profile your an attorney. What a joke!!!
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Senior Member
what did you do MOM to prevent your son,who obviously had a drinking problem, from drinking and driving? Did you ever have your son go to AA or into a rehab center? Did you tell his friends to make sure your son did not drink and drive?

You mention that you stopped drinking years ago. So you know that drinking is a problem in your family. What did YOU do to make sure your son or daughter did follow in your drinking footsteps?

So you are the victim, huh? At least you get to visit your son in jail and possibly be around when he is released. Tell that to the family who lost their kid(s).

I really am broken hearted for you, loser!


Your the loser what a jerk U R Stephenk

For your information Mr. Perfect! I did education both of my children on achol abuse. I have never had a drinking problem in my life it was There father that is a acholic and YES I did get them into AA and alanon classes
and every single program in school they had such as pride, sadd, etc and I also attended with them!
Like I said I never had a drinking problem I choose not to
drink atthe age of 18 so my children would know that you don't have to drink to have a good time or to enjoy people.

And Yes I did tell my childrens friends that were at my home most of the time that NEVER drink and drive or allow my children to and that it is an issue in our family and could become a problem!

What have you done to improve the situation other than be a arrogant idiot that obviously don't care about people at all.
Yes I am a victim! I have to suffer to with this family that lost the loved one. A day won't go by that I won't think about them and pray for them.

You are the loser that is very abvious. Don't bother responding to this because I won't bother answering you again. Your suppose to be here to give advice not to put ppl down and pass judgement.

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