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Public Defenders use of meat factory

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My son, who I have had little contact with is currently incarcerated. After some investigation my self, I had put some pieces of information together, and called the Public Defenders Office to speak with the Attorney assigned to him. Quite unfriendly, even snotty, he referred to a statement, that an investigator gave them, which HE DID NOT give, as a "confession", when I responded, it could not have been a confession, but a statement, as he denies any knowledge, he hung up on me, and won't return my phone calls. The summary is that He is charged with felony, robbery, for allegedly sneaking into someone's house, and stealing $80.00. I do not believe there was any forced entry, additionally, he claims, and I believe he has his girlfriend, and grandmother that can place him elsewhere, more than 40 minutes away at the time this happened, 10:30 am. Of course he never gets up till noon or later.
Anyway, he gets a phone call from the police investigater in the town, and askes him to come in (obviously they know him). So he schedules an appointment, which he subsequently calls and reschedules, due to a death in the family (grandfather), for the next day. He does down, (up) and talks to the investigator. He was never read any rights, just questioned. The investigator tells him to confess, he refused, as he claims he was elsewhere, and the investigator calls him a liar. Anyway he says to the investigator he won't answer any more questions without a lawyer, the investigator tells him to "get the **** out", "i'll see you at the grand jury". So he leaves. The same night the state police are canvassing the area for him. Go to my home, and later his grandmothers home, Kick in the door, and arrest him. The "statement" they are basing this all on or the "confession" is the information that the investigator made up, and sounds like he had been there at this persons home that day. (he knows who the person is), and in reality he had been there 6 months ago, at the time the person knew he was there (didn't break in) or anything like that. So, he is now sitting in Jail, with 2500 cash / 5000 bond bail for allegedly breaking into someones house and stealing $80.00. The public defender told him to "wave his rights to a preliminary hearing" because he owed the DA a favor and it would look good for him if he agreed, and now is facing grand jury.. When I talked to the PD's office, the investigator, I ask him what's going on, what's going to happen, etc. What information he has as to his innocence, he tells me, there will be a grand jury and a trial, he has his confession... I don't get it...he just hangs up on me...some meat factory... as he called it....

What is reasonable bail for circimstances
What are public defenders office responsibilities, and ethics in reguard to dealing with me, refusing to talk, hanging up, etc.
If he is in jail, is it reasonable to trod him to court in a jail jumpsuit, or does he have a right to NOT where SHACKLES, HANDCUFFS AND BELLY CHAINS, for such a accusatory offence, is he allowed to dress appropriately for court, etc.



Lesson #1: NEVER trust a cop! They are NOT bound by law to "serve and protect" like they claim. They are out to do as their bose says and to make a buck or two.

Lesson #2: Your son had to have done something at some point to have the DA interested in him. The question is what it was and what came of it.

Lesson #3: He who has the gold makes the rules. In essence, if you ain't got the money to hire your own lawyer, you're gonna go down for the count. Public Defenders are a joke. They are known to kiss up to the DA. They are lawyers, right? Therefor, if they want to "advance" their careers, they throw away their morals and ethics.

Summury: Not all lawyers are bad, just the PD & DA. I was in a similar predicament a few years back and I was truly blessed to find an excellent lawyer that would let me make payments. And he turned the DA into mashed potatos during the trial! Go down to the jail and speak to your son. It would be best if you had a lawyer present. Then it's all confidential (or suppossed to be). Get the story from him then.

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