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RE-3b upgrade question.

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What is the name of your state? ca
I was discharged from Army in 1989. In 1986 I was jailed
while I was on vacation. When I got jailed I called my CO
he cancelled my vacation and placed me AWOL. All charges
were dropped. 5 days lost time on item 29 on dd214. I made
up the time at the end of my contract. Also extended 25 days
additionally for charges that were dropped by the army. Total
30 extended. Got re code of 3b. 2 years later I recieved good
conduct medal. seperation code LBK. Item 25 reason for
separation; expiration tem of service. Honorable dishcarge.
My recruiter says he is confused since the time lost was made
up at end of service contract. Never charged for anything.




You need 2 waivers for Re-enlistment. 1 for the lost time (does not matter what circumstances or wether made up already), the other for the RE-Code.

For the first waiver, reference AR 601-210:

4–14. Absent without leave or lost time
a. Any applicant who, during their last period of service, was absent without leave (AWOL) or had lost time of 5
days or fewer regardless of the type of separation or RE code will be required to have a waiver for enlistment.
Recruiting battalion commander is approval authority.

For the second:

4–16. Reentry eligibility code
Any RE Code that is disqualifying for reasons not otherwise listed in this AR will require a waiver to be submitted in
the same manner as those listed under paragraph 4–13. The approval authorities will be the CG, HRC for enlistment
into the RA, and the CG, HRC—St. Louis for enlistment in the AR. Documentation will also be the same as that listed
in paragraph 4–13g.

And, finally, you will need a Grade Determination:

4–22. Enlistment grade determination
a. Any applicant who does not meet enlistment grade criteria of this regulation will be required to have his or her
grade determined for enlistment as indicated in paragraph 3–16 or 3–17 for RA and paragraph 3–18 for AR.

3–16. Authorized enlistment pay grade determination
a. The pay grade on enlistment into the RA will be determined under paragraph 3–17 and into the AR under
paragraph 3–18. For AR, DOR will be determined per AR 600–20.
(1) Grade determination submitted to HRC Eligibility Inquiry Section (EIS) will also be evaluated for enlistment
(2) As required, grade determinations submitted to HRC–EIS will have all medical or moral waivers completed prior
to submission.
(3) All requests for grade determination in grades SPC and below with no more than 7 years total active service and
enlistment at any time after separation will be completed in accordance with paragraph 3–17. The term of enlistment,
when added to previous AFS, may not exceed 10 years. The CG, HRC may consider waivers.
(4) Applicants who have been separated from any component in the grades of PFC or below and as a result of
reduction in grade or disciplinary action will not be considered for a grade determination under paragraph 3–17 without
coordination with HRC–EIS.
(5) All requests for grade determination in the grade SGT and above will be submitted to HRC–EIS for all PS
persons in categories not qualified for consideration under paragraph 3–16.
(6) An applicants who is in the grade of SGT when no vacancy exists in the applicant’s current MOS may enlist as
a SGT provided the applicant accepts retraining in an MOS provided by HRC–EIS and the applicant has completed the
appropriate NCOES leadership requirements or its equivalent. HRC–EIS will determine the MOS for retraining.
(7) All PS (Army) applicants, to include Glossary NPS applicants, must enlist for their former MOS, unless
otherwise directed by DCS, G–1 (DAPE–MPA).
(8) Years of (active) service must be verified from DD Form 214/DD Form 215.
(9) All applicants who enlist in the grade SGT or above must have telephonic or electronic verification approval for
assignment from HRC–EIS. The DOR will be adjusted at the time of RA enlistment per AR 600–20. Guidance
counselors will advise applicants that this entry will be reviewed for correct entry at the first duty station or reception
(10) All applicants will have the authority for pay grade clearly annotated in DD Form 1966:
(a) If HRC–EIS determined grade, enter “Enlistment Rank Authorized by HRC–EIS, dated YYMMDD, Grade E–x
verified by (name, guidance counselor).”
(b) If grade was determined by paragraph 3–17, enter “Enlistment Grade Authorized by paragraph 3–17, AR
601–210, dated (Day-Mo-Year), Grade E–x verified by (name, guidance counselor).”
(11) Grade for PS applicants, including Glossary NPS applicants, will be determined at time of entry into delayed
status. Grade authorized at time of delayed status will be the enlistment grade authorized at time of RA enlistment.
Note. PS and Glossary NPS may not be enlisted into the DEP.
b. Enlisted members on the TDRL, later found to be physically fit, have a statutory right to enlist in the enlisted
rank or the next higher regular enlisted rank held at the time they were placed on the TDRL (10 USC 1211(a)(3)) (see
chap 5, sec XV).
c. This regulation will not place a PS applicant in a more favorable enlistment grade than he or she otherwise would
have been entitled to had his or her service been continuous.

I hope this helps... You Recuiter might be easily confused by all of this if he lacks experience in the waivers department. Tell him he needs to go in this order:

1. Lost Time. Battalion Commander's Approval.
2. RE-Code. CG HRC level.
3. Grade Determination. Depends on rank at time of separation.


Junior Member

Do you know if it matters that
1. I was on leave at the time my leave was cancelled
because I was in jail.
2. All charges were dropped from time I was in jail.
3. No UCMJ actions were taken against me.
4. I was not flagged from recieving any favorable actions.


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re 3b

Yes I was arrested for theft because the person I was with
broke a window. The home owner was on vacation. police
arrested us and had us pending charges of theft since they could not verify that nothing was taken. When owner returned, it was found that nothing was taken and charges were dropped. I was suppose to be on vacation for another
week. I called my CO and he cancelled my leave since I
could not give an exact date I would be returning. 4 days
later I returned. A few days before my originally authorized

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