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Rear ended and hurt. Having legal problems.

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I seem to be in a real pickel. I was rear ended about 16 months ago. I drive a Chevrolet 2500 HD diesel truck, and it took about $6000 damage. There is some frame damage I did not have fixed.
The problem is that I was hit much harder than it appears. My truck did not smash like other cars do. It just took off. A witness said that the person who hit me was going about 50 mph. I don't remember, but I think I had just accelerated to about 10 mph when being hit.
I should list that I have some pre-existing conditions that have created problems. I had lumbar back surgery 10 years ago. I have had neck pain from time to time. I have even seen a surgeon to see if there was any serious problem. I take anti depressants as does about 30% of the population. About 1 year prior to the accident, I had hemeroid surgery. The incision did not heal, and the physician said to just give it time. This was very painful, and I was bleeding all the time. I became enemic and sick. I developed hand shakes and weakness. I went back to the surgeon and he said he had to operate to fix it. At that time, I was in a major amount of pain and started to take the anit depressents. In about 2 weeks, I had healed and in a month, I was back to normal. The shakes went away and I was able to return to full time work.
About 4 months later is when the accident happened. At the time of the accident, I developed hand shakes in my left hand. My left shoulder hurt also. I went home and slept for several days. My neck really hurt.
When I went to go back to work, I fell asleep at the wheel of the car on the way in. It was like passing out. For the next several months that happened. I learned to recognize when it was happening and I would pull into a parking lot, set the emergency break, and fall asleep.
I was having migrane head aches all the time. The left side of my neck and back are very painful. I had MRI scans of neck and spine but didn't show anything serious. I hear that this is not out of the ordinary.
I had was having serious problems with my memory. I sometimes could not find my way home. So I purchased a GPS to find my way. My company let me work part time as I could. I took a neuro-psych text and was told that I was suffering from post concussion syndrome.
I hired attorneys to represent me because the auto insurance of the person who hit me was being nasty about my injuries.
My attorney said I had a well documented case. That I was not the type of person who fakes accidents. That I have 14 years of employment without unemployment and shows my contribution to society.
I have used botox to help control neck spasm, and recently had a rezatomy (spelling), of my mid and upper back. Both have helped a bunch.
Now to the problem.
My attorneys quit the company. Both of them. And the person who got my case does not want it. He told me that he makes over $1000/hr and since my case is in litegation, he doesn't want it. He said he only tries home runs and that is why he is rich.
He told me that in the eyes of a jury, I am a "kook" with pre-existing problems looking for someone to blame them on. I have prior back and neck complaints, I take psychological medications, and the MRI and X-rays are negative for broken bones to show a jury. That all the evidence I have is subjective and that because I earn a high income, the jurors will not be symphathetic with me.
What do I do now? I have been trying to start a company of my own so I can work around my injuries. I can't sit up all day and work, I have to lay down. And many days I have a terrable head ach that keeps me from thinking, so there is no one who will hire me, so I have to be self employeed.
So is the insurance company going to just walk away from this and my new attorney is going to let them? Do I have options? The attorney said they will sell the case to another firm, or let another attorney take the case in their name. I am sure this is stacked against me. How do I take care of this? I have about $60,000 in medical bills, about $90,000 in lost wages, I am having surgery again in two days, and I have been told that my back will never get better.

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