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Requested sick leave

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I was at work and I was starting to feel sick. I called my boss after all daily projects were done. It was still in the morning, my shift is aproximatly 8:00am till between 6:00 and 8:00pm. It was 8:30am and I called my boss and told him that I was done witheverything for the day and I was feeling Ill and would like to go home and get some rest (I had almost worked 5 weeks straight without a day off). my bosses response was let me think about it and I will get back to you. at 10:00am I had not heard anything so I called my boss back and told him that I felt worse and I needed to go home again he said that he would think about it. At 10:30am my boss called me and said that he need to meat with me so I drove across town to his office and was in a meeting with him and his secutary for 3 hours. on at least 4 occations I said that I was sick and had to leave. finaly I was so sick I ended the pointless meeting and said 1 last time that I was sick and that I had to go home and then I left to go home. I comute 1hour each direction to work daily. about 15 minutes into my drive my feaver was so high that I could barley keep the car on the road. so I decided to go to my sisters house that was 1/2 way from work and home. when I got to her house I passed out and had a seizure in the front lawn after this happened, some how I managed to get into the house because I was very disoriented and realy did not have a clue where I was at. when my sister arived home I was passed out on the couch and babbling incohearntly. she then rushed me to the hospital and my temprature was 104.6 This was down from when I had the seizure earler. I was diagnosed with staff de cacus nemonia and because my temp was so high I was admitted all the doctors treating me said that I was very lucky to have made it to the hospital. because my temp was so high they gave me a spinal meningitus test (a spinal tap, where they go in and take spinal fluid to check to see if you have an effection arround the brain. I had complications from this proceadure and I got what they call a spinal head ache. what this is, is that my spinal coard was leaking spinal fluid and brain fluid and spinal fluid are the same thing so when I sit up right I get a massive migrane head ache. so I have to lay flat till my body repares its self I have been off work 2 weeks and I still have time to go but yesterday I got a letter saying that I was terminated from the day that I left early. my point or question is if I was let go that day at 8:30 or 9:00am none of this would have happened (this is confirmed by my doctors) I would have left work and gone to the doctor and I would not of had a seizure indangered myself trying to drive my feaver wold not have gotten that high and I would not have to have had a spinal tap and ben bead ridden for 2weeks I proably would have been in the hospital for a couple of days the doctor told me but not 2 weeks. Do i have any ground to try to get my job back or for a law suit because if I was not made to fear for my job I would have left earler or if my boss was not trying to prove somthing I may not have to go through further testing to see if I have mild brain damage or long lasting affects from this. thank you for any help that you can give me.

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