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Scared... 78 in 60 in NC

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What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NC

I was driving to Charlotte yesterday and was in the left lane cruising and an SUV kept flashing me to move and at those times I could not. He was so close to be that I sped up (thinking the speed limit was 65mph) so that I could get into the middle lane. Well thats when the Hwy Patrol officer got me. I explained what happened he said he didnt care and that I have to show up in court. My record is clean.. I have nothing on it so this is my first offense. I'm worried because I have never had this before and dont want my license to be suspended. It was something innocent to get that guy off my back so he could speed and do what he pleased but instead I got caught. What can I do to lessen the charges and keep my record clean?


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Speeding up is never a good idea and it's not a defense.
Frankly, I will go no faster than the speed limit in situations like that. The speed demon can usually find a way to get around easier than you can find a way to get out of his way.

Try a PJC if you haven't done so recently.


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What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NC
What can I do to lessen the charges and keep my record clean?
You can challenge the officer at trial and hope that he missed one of the many rules he's supposed to follow in operating the radar device but this takes a lot of research and time and still there is only a slim chance you'll get the case thrown out. If you're not familiar with the courtroom, this can be a daunting task.

Some courts will offer you a plea, where you plead guilty to a lesser offense, usually a lower speed for a reduction in points/fines. But this is still a guilty plea and it will go on your record. If they don't outright offer this, you can ask the prosecutor/solicitor/magistrate before court begins.

Another option is to plead your case to the judge, bring a copy of your driving record and ask for leniency given the circumstances and the lessons learned. I actually requested that I make a donation in the amount of the fine to the local D.A.R.E. chapter in lieu of the points and a fine. Believe it or not, the judge agreed. I'm not sure how well that would work today with cities strapped for cash, but it wouldn't hurt to make the offer.


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Solved I hope

Ok, so I hired a lawyer and they told me that i have two choices. The first is to plea to an equipment violation and no insurance points, license points nor on my record.. just the violation and pay the fine of $221 or the other choice was to have lawyer negotiate a reduction speed and a lesser fine but it goes on record as well as insurance and the fine for that was $121 plus the obvious lawyer fee. I went with the first choice. So Im waiting to see what happens from that.


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I think I'll be ok now. Just an inconvenience in the midst of my finals before graduating college.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

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