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me and a friend where driving down the road and a police officer stopped us. my buddy was the driver and the police officer gave him the feild test for dui.they allso made him blow in the feild test kit and it showed a .067. the police officer beleived he had enough to arrest him. the officer then asked me if i could drive the car,I am the owner of the vehicle, I told him that i had drank 8or9 beers and that i would not get behind the wheel. he asked if i had anybody that could pick up the car.I said no.I then asked him if i could park the car on the side of the road untill the matter with my friend was resolved.he agread and said that i could notpark it myself and that he would. after the car was parked he gave me back the keys and offered me a ride to the station. I agreed and went to the car to get my buddies wallet from the dashboard and locked it up.he brought us to the station and proceded to give my friend the drunk test at the police station.My friend did all the test but refused to blow a second time. he was then arrested. in the search of his person they found a small vial that had a white substance in it,the police officer went nuts at this time. the white substance was sent to the fbi crime lab and determand to have no controld sustance in it.At this point and time back at the police station the officer decided he would go back and have my car impounded,(after he released it to me).They brought the car back to the station and decided to do an inventory on it. during the inventory the police officer lifted the carpet in the back and found a bag of pot in exses of 60 grams. At this point in time the officer decided he should get a search warrent. He did so from the justice of the peace.without letting the J.O.P. in on the prior discovery.at this point they are trying to take my car and put me away for a long time,as well as my friend. does this sound lke it is a good bust or a bad one,please help.



I would not say that it was a legal arrest for you. Your friend seems guilty of DWI, but there is not enough reason for the police officer to impound the car. I believe that is illegal, especially because of the fact that the vile contained no illegal substance. That right there would make a very strong case. Was the grams yours? Actually, either way tou could fight it, unless you have fingerprints on te bag. I suggest you hire a competent defense attorney.

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