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Shared Driveway - Evil Neighbors

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What is the name of your state? PA



I just bought my home from my husband's grandmother (who lived here 50 years) and we started our family and everything was going wonderful until two weeks ago when these little hoodlums moved in next door.

There is about 6 17-20 year old boys/girls who live in this 2 story home (I believe its 2 apartments) and everyday they have about 15 cars with blaring music ride up and down my road, park in front of my house shout, slam doors, wake up my daughter during the day from their obnoxious behavior. They also keep me up til midnight on the weekends with the same annoying crap.

I've went to their house and yelled at them twice and also called the police twice and it is getting more agrivating. When I am at home I want to be able to hear myself think, not hear my windows shaking from these people's friends car, or pumping music over my television.

Our driveway is also shared 1/2 mine 1/2 theirs... they park on it. I dont use the driveway because I have garage access from the back, but since they are annoying me I wish to put up a fence not allowing them access on to my property.

My questions are:

Is there going to be any problem with me putting up a fence, and if they destroy it or run it down can I sue or have them arrested? Oh and can I have them towed if they are just sitting on the driveway not pulled up onto their property?

And what can i do about the NOISE and the abundance of kids blaring their radio and parking all over the street every day! I am only 27 years old it wasn't that far off that I was a goofy teenager who did things, but I never acted like that in a quiet residential area.

Please Help




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Noise complaints must be directed to the police. As far as parked cars blocking the drive you are going to have to carefully review the easement for the driveway and if needed to take it to a atty and have the atty write a letter for you to the other property owner explaining that parked vehicles are blocking the driveway and also discuss with the atty what other options you might have like calling tow trucks or eventually suing them for blocking the access. A real estate atty who is local is your best option for advice because the advice will be backed by local and state laws.


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Okay dokay now, it has been two weeks. So you have been a yelling and a screaming like an old woman at the young hellens. I do not blame you. However, have you found out the noise ordinances for the neighborhood?

Have you found out from them nice police about that?

Are they renting? Do they have landlords?
What have you really done except go off your rocker?

They can be annoying but they can be taken care of if you do not just shoot off at the mouth and come off as a someone who the police do not want to help right away... Are you catching my drift or are you too mad and is it gonna waft on bye?


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Actually they moved in 2 weeks ago but for a month previous they had been cleaning/hanging out there not completely moved in.

The same thing happens day in and out and I was very pleasant when I asked them to please turn off the music at midnight and when they woke up my daughter. I haven't actually went off my rocker on them yet but I feel like I want to but don't wanna act like a 10 year old stomping my feet. I only call the police when its out of hand (and of course I'm not rude to them.. but they told me if they wanted to be loud they should move to a farm and to call each time they were being annoying but it hasn't helped yet.) .. and my block isn't big enough for 15 cars parking up and down the street blaring music like we were on the strip.

They are renting and I spoke to the landlord when I saw him before they "officially" moved in (since the month before they started it) to have them please not be so loud and he said "I am just the landlord there isn't anything I can do... call the police".

The city has a pretty strict noise ordenance, that is fairly new according to people I have spoke to but I'm not sure where to look up the details.

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