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Shop went joyriding in my car. I have proof but need advice.

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section:

Without getting into too much detail, and not naming any names...I need advice. How much money should I ask for to settle this situation out of court?

A while back, my car was at Company X having work done, and when I went to pick up my car, I noticed the glass was damaged and they promised to replace it.

Last Thursday I dropped my car off at X before I was supposed to leave town. I picked up my car the following Monday and to sum everything up:

- Glass Company Y drove my car for 119 miles on 18 different trips
- Top speed of 104
- Other top speeds of the 18 trips: 97, 98, 96, 89, 87

I have a carchip that logs all the data, proof of abuse is here:
Summary of all trips made while the car was at the shop (cropped to show only those trips)

And specific details about the 104 mph trip (I have these details for each trip they took:
Vehicle Speed
Engine Speed
Thrrole Position
Detailed Excel chart on the 104 mph trip (logged every 5 seconds)
Proof someone knew the chip was there and tried to disconnect it and reconnect it immediately when the car was returned to attempt to clear the memory(?) They didn't drive the car anymore after the chip was replaced.
How I typically drive the car (not very often bc I hate driving in Nova and not very hard bc I like to save my baby for special occasions :) )

Further Damage:
New damage to the car (it appears on both side of the vehicle from improper reinstallation. My doors don't alight correctly or something. You know how the glass comes down when you close the door and then raises up after to avoid damage to the a-pillar? Yeah, they somehow ruined that and too much pressure is forced upwards by the window.

When I picked up my car, the windows were down and so I put them back up, drove it home, and garaged it. Today, I went to drop my brother off at the Greyhound and we got into the car after it had been in the garage with the windows up for a while and we both asked, "What is that smell?" My brother says it smells strongly of alcohol, and at first whiff I also agree. I later noticed the dash on my passenger side is dull. When I run my hand across it, traces of the dash actually rub off! The texture is altered and no longer feels new. It's very obvious when you touch the other side of the car. Was someone drinking in my car? Spilled stuff? Then attempted to clean my interior with a HARSH cleaner?

The sad news is that company X and I have always been on very good terms. He feels rather betrayed by company Y bc he's dealt with them for many years and never had a problem. In fact, my car is the first car they ever took off site bc they told him the glass was not fitting correctly and they'd be better able to handle it at their facilities.

I really need some advice on what to do. I don't know how much to ask for? My vehicle warranty runs out in August and I am afraid I might suffer financially because of what company Y could have done to my car?I appreciate your time and help.


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Nobody can tell you what to settle for. Ask them for whay you think your "damages" are, and work from there. There is no set amount to ask for, except for maybe the damage to the dash, the damage there would be what it would cost to replace the dash.

If the car is a sports car, or otherwise meant to be driven hard, why would you think a couple of acceleration runs and a few top speed excursions would hurt the car in the long run?


Get a different shop (or two) to thoroughly inspect the car and do an estimate. When you go in to negotiate your settlement, you don't want to miss anything, nor do you want the other side to dismiss your estimate on the grounds that you're not an expert.

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