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should I get a lawyer?

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What is the name of your state?
I live in virginia . My name is Deborah and I need some help on a problem my husband and I are having with my parents.
about a 1 year and a half ago my husband lost his job and we had no place to live so my parents told us we could stay with them until we got back on are feet , well we moved in and my husband got a job then asked me if I didnt mind him using his gi bill money to go to college to get his a&p lisence to work on air crafts he has been a avation mechanic for 16 years and serverd in the army 8 years , I told him I didnt mind But first we had to ask my parents if that would be all right to stay and save money while he went to college ,they both agreed and told us we had to pay rent and part of the ele. ect. we agreed to that it was fair , my kids ages 16 and 7 have chores plus I homeschool , everything was going well until my mother started to butt in and try to critize my daughter on the way she did her chores my dad started to cat call my daughter and I totaly put a stop to it !!! now my parents threatin to kick us out because I wont cow down to them! my husband has 5 months to go in his college he has a job all ready lined up after he graduates with delta airlines, making very good money , they all ready told my husband and I we could stay and pay rent and save to move out , so my question is can they kick us out with a oral agreement to pay rent and pay half of everything ???? I get rent receits from my mother tell us we payed rent , so in a since do we have renters rights ?????
we also pay all the cable bill and we have are own phone line with are own phone number and the bill comes in my husbands and I,s name not theirs and my name is also on the water bill.
Do we have any legal rights here ????
help please I need to know before all hell breaks lose here


Senior Member
Oral agreements are worth the ink they are written with . to end this landlord & tenant relationship you have either one of you must give the other a notice that your moving or them to you a eviction notice , that complys with your states laws . You have looked in your state govt web page for LL /T statute links havent you ?


I dont understand ?

Yes I have gone to are state LL/T and it says that a oral agreement is just as the same as a lease , But it doesnt talk about ll/t rule if you share rent with parents .
IF there is a website or state law about sharing rent with mother and father inlaws.
you said an oral agreement is worth the ink its writin on ? I think what you are trying to say to me is that my husband and I dont have a legal leg to stand on ? My parents can destroy my family just because my mother and I dont get along???
and if you are not trying to say this to me Please explain what you are telling me .


Senior Member
In oral rentals the easy thing to prove is payment historys , because of canceled checks . with out asking the other parties to the rental arrangement admiting to what the terms were THEN you have to have a lease to back up those things . sad to say you are a month to month tenant and to expect your parents to agree with you in a court if you ever have a hassle that ends in a housing case with them is nuts . Your family will be destroyed if you allow it . I suggest you go find a place of your own NOW just a month to month rental . go looking every town has housing that looks like crap and is a bargain . Hell if you can find just a 2 br take it you and hub sleep on a hidabed couch .


I get rent receits from my mother tell us we payed rent.

You should have never moved back in with your parents....they seem to act like trailer trash

but here's an idea you could PAY YOUR PARENTS MORE MONEY, or move

That should shut them up for a while.

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