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Slander and harassment on job (Part 2)

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The Saga Continues…

After speaking to my boss the other day a chain of events has occurred and I wish to share them with you. The supervisor that circulated the rumors has had her daughter call my husband while he is on the clock (her daughter works in separate department) and request that he purchase alcohol. My husband declined and expressed that he does not partake in that activity and not to call him in future as he don’t want to be fired or liable for however she chooses to disperse it, Also this individual is over 21 years of age (she can buy her own). Her Mother (supervisor that started the rumors) was present in that department with her during the hours of the call. My husband reported the incident to our boss as he felt it was fishy because of a motive of termination. My husband felt she would either say he was purchasing alcohol on the clock or it would add fuel to the fire it was for me. The thing is he does not consume alcohol either and only purchased it on the occasions I mentioned that involved a friend that was over 21 years of age, 33 years old to be exact (off the clock). Since then he asked the person at the phone if the individual phones please tell them he is not available to deter any troubles and there is no reason to call him for any services. We feel it is an obvious attempt at a set up since we don’t even speak to the person on the street and given the link to the situation.

I clocked out today and my boss was helping at the phone station and did not say a word to me. I thought nothing of it and came home so my husband could get to his shift. Upon his arrival our boss greeted him and pulled him into his office. He proceeded to tell my husband that he knows the rumors were surfaced by his supervisor and there isn’t a thing he can do about it. He went on to say that I wouldn’t take offence to these accusations unless they were true and I should be an adult (“she ought to be bigger than that”) and ignore them (though this has directly affected my employment and she is a position she should know better). Then he said if I pursued it he would have to let me go (In vague terms). Since when as an employer could he decide to validate malicious rumors upon my character? Apparently if this continues I am to accept it and not say anything. He then told my husband he was not to purchase alcohol (as I said he is an adult and was done off the clock) and went on to grill him about why he thinks the supervisors daughter called there for that purpose. Though the person answering the phone knows who the individual is and what they called for. So it cannot be passed off as made up. He said much of this not in a nice tone but actually yelled.

Our policy is if we have a problem we are to share it with our boss to solve it. I followed company protocol in doing so. He has derived at the conclusion that while on the clock this person can continue to slander me and I must take it. He has no control of what she does though if I do something about it he can fire me? (If he finds out I contacted a lawyer) How does that make sense?

My husband also made a statement to me. He said who is he to tell me I can no longer purchase alcohol as I am of age and if I chose to do such a thing in my private life he cannot dictate it. Can he legally dictate what we do in our private lives? Neither of us does drink but that really made no sense to either of us.

I was also wondering if I should seek a letter from my doctor about my illness and medications I take as well as possibly an alcohol/drug test incase I need it for future reference. Also, the person that the alcohol was purchased for is willing to write a statement and sign it. Would any of this be helpful to a lawyer?

What do I do and is my boss in the right for behaving in this manner? I feel he is now party to it.

Many Thanks…


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